Pole Dancing as a Hobby

Pole dancing is one of the good hobbies that you can perform to feel good and look good. As time passes by, its popularity increases and is not only performed in nightclubs. Pole dancing is a hobby that uses the entire parts of your body to make you physically fit while maintaining a sharp mind. And since pole dancing becomes more prevalent in every corner of the world, we have looked for the benefits that it can give you as a hobby and a sport.

Why Pole Dancing is a Good Hobby

Read on to know more of how both Joanna Pawelczyk and Sherry Bremmer of X-Pole SA Tarryn Knight share the advantages they get from pole dancing.

Tone Up and Weight Loss

“Pole fitness is a very upper body intensive sport, so your arms, shoulders, and abs will be the first to tone up,” as stated by Joanna.

She also claims that several poses in this hobby will work the quads and inner thighs. But a real workout with a pole can be done from dynamic stretching exercises. And these exercises will not only make you flexible but also giving you your desired shape of the butt.

She also added that “You won’t ever get huge or bulky though as you’re always working with your natural body weight. Your pectoral (chest) muscles develop with a pole which is the same effect as doing lots of push-ups, just not nearly as boring, and you won’t need a wonderbra for that extra lift.”

In terms of losing some weight, she says that pole dancing can help you in achieving your desired weight. But similar to the more physical activities, pole dancing will not help you to shed some body pressure if you do not do it regularly. She recommends performing pole dancing four to five times every week while maintaining a healthy and a balanced diet.  

Improve Metabolic Health

Tarryn confesses, “My pole friends swear that they burn food more quickly when they are training for a show or competition. Since one of our pole friends owns a bakery, increased metabolism is a welcome side-effect because we always have her delicious cupcakes backstage!”

Tarryn performs a “hobbit eating habits” most notably when she wants to train a hard pole dancing pose. She also stated that “I eat breakfast and second breakfast, a pre-lunch snack, lunch, a pre-tea time snack, tea, my four o’ clock snack, pre-dinner and then dinner. Sometimes I have an after-dinner snack if I am still awake working.”

Pole dancing enthusiasts or a starter in this hobby are recommended to eat daily dishes while keeping their body weight constant. They also recommend eating plenty of veggies and fruits with high levels of proteins.

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