Dyson are developing multiple household robots

Dyson, the company known for its innovative vacuum cleaners and other home appliances, has revealed a new project that it has been working on in secret. The project is a line of robots designed to assist with household chores such as setting the table and cleaning the house. The robots are equipped with sensors and artificial intelligence that allow them to navigate around obstacles and clean effectively.

The company also announced plans to hire additional engineers in the United Kingdom and Singapore to build a variety of domestic robots, which it already has some experience with thanks to its 360 Heurist robovac.

In the video filmed at the base in the Wiltshire countryside about 70 miles west of London, Jake Dyson, the company founder’s son, addressed its roadmap.

For Dyson, the key to attracting top engineers is being open about their ambitions. Hiring 700 people would be an essential part if they want this project to succeed in such a competitive robotics sector.

In the video, you can see these robots handling different chores! You can see one holding up its dinner plate and another taking care of a soft toy. It’s not groundbreaking stuff, but it’s still cool to know they’re working on this project in secret somewhere behind closed doors while we wait patiently for them to show off their algorithms at long last—I mean come out publicly with everything they’ve got cooking (and then some).

The company doesn’t want to have the same problems it had with its planned electric car. The company first unveiled the electric car in 2017, but then they abandoned it after spending an estimated $3 billion. “It’s a fantastic electric car,” says James Dyson, though his company ultimately abandoned production due to a lack of commercial viability.

The challenge of robotics is clearly different from that of household devices, but with Dyson able to apply its existing research in the development process it seems like they have a better chance at making tangible progress.