10 Most Expensive Hobbies in the World

Money can buy you anything. Also, having a lot of cash undoubtedly enables you to experience  a lot of amazing adventures. Wealthy people find money, not a big deal anymore. The important now for them is to enjoy and use their precious time when they are still alive. Here are the ten most expensive hobbies in the world.


Flying an aircraft is not a simple hobby than anything else, and it is a high dollar pursuit. Before you require taking this activity, you will undergo training and exams. The plane typically expensive because it costs thousands.

Ballroom Dancing

Learning the steps take a lot of time to master it, plus the professional trainers received high to pay for this, and this is not cheap, it is expensive.

Yacht racing

It is an elite sport for rich and famous people. The price of basic yacht is starting around 2 million dollars. To keep your yacht race, for its maintenance, you have to pay 100 thousand dollars.

Mountain Climbing

Fees include the cost of the guide, travel-related expenses, permits plus gears needed in mountain climbing. Mt. Everest is the dream of many climbers, but before you do that, you will spend more than 45 thousand dollars as well as the training and supply of physical and mental energy.


Among many forms of gambling activities is Poker. This type of gambling can drain your bank in no time flat, and a medium pot is amounting more than to 1,000 dollars.

World Traveling

Traveling is expensive because it includes transportation, accommodation, food as well as money. You can travel around the world when you have a starting amount of money, no less than 20,000 dollars.


It is an extreme sport that costs one jump around 300 dollars, but fees vary by location.

Scuba Diving

It sea over the sky. Training, gears, and certification have cost around a thousand dollars alone.

Car Racing

You need costly safety gear in this extreme sport. This form of hobby can spend more money around 100,000 dollars or more.


It requires a lofty budget per horse that costing up to 100,00 dollars plus essential equipment needed, lessons, training, entry fees, and transportations, making these sports and hobby too expensive.


For most precious people, those expensive hobbies are no longer possible to make it into reality. Money is indeed essential for this to experience and enjoys the hobby that you loved to do.

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