Monkey D. Luffy’s Mom

It is a fact that One Piece is one of the favorite anime’s of the youth and young at hearts. However, Monkey D. Luffy’s mom is never mentioned in One Piece which makes it more interesting. There are just two possibilities. She is covering up, or she is already dead which some people may believe. Don’t worry because if you are curious about Luffy’s mom, you can find the answer to that big question after you read this article up to the end.

The long wait is over because here is Luffy’s mom that you are looking for. As you can see in the picture, she has an African hairstyle. It is believed that it is Luffy’s mom because Oda revealed that he would draw the parents on the Volume 44 SBS volume.

Is Luffy’s Mom Alive?

Eiichiro Oda confirmed that Luffy’s mom is alive. Luffy’s mother is considered as the world most perilous culprits Revolutionary Dragons lady. The world government is also enthusiastic for her because her child Luffy has already remarkable accomplishments in the One Piece world.

Oda revealed in Volume 44 SBS that he would draw the parents of Luffy in the next volume. In the first picture in section 440, where fans apparently see characters whose gender is difficult to recognize and a man with google over his afro. Meanwhile, fans also saw the same characters again over 150 parts later in section 593 grinning to Dragon while talking about Luffy. Well, the truth behind this is that Oda experience some trouble while drawing the same characters over such a drawn-out period, when other revolutionaries seemed fodder. It is said that one of those characters is the mother of Luffy.

If you are curious whether the mother of Luffy is alive, then the answer is definitely yes. Oda stated that she is alive and that he is thinking hard about it. He added that the mother of Luffy is a strict and tough-looking woman. The mom of Luffy is beautiful with a beautiful hair. Oda said that it is his first time to draw a mother in a character’s memory.

Is Dadan Luffy’s mother?

In the case of Dadan, she is called so even though they are not blood-related. He also emphasized that Dadan can be considered as the foster mother of Luffy. Now that you have an idea about Luffy’s mother, you can be satisfied more when Oda surprises us with her identity.

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