Meditation as a Hobby

What is the meaning or the definition of Meditation? According to Meriam Webster, meditation is “To engage in contemplation or reflection.” It also means “To engage in mental exercises such as concentration on one’s breathing or repetition for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness.”

So, meditation is something that everyone can do to improve one’s emotional or mental health. You can do this anywhere, or even without equipment or membership fee. It’s free to yourself. All you have to do is go to a place where you can relax, especially your mind. It could be the beach, farm, or even your room. These also qualify to meditate. The number one way to meditate is to pray. 

Here there are the benefits of meditation:

  • Relieves Stress – this is the most common reason people try meditation because some people have an issue with mental stress. It’s because of their job or their surroundings. For example, people try to find a job, but no one hires them. It could be because of their educational background, or their skills don’t match these jobs. So, you can use these meditations to increase awareness of yourself. People think of this to reduce stress and to develop concentrating. Some people are practicing their feelings to be in a good mood, self-discipline, self-controlled, and to remove the negativity in their minds.
  • Fights Anxiety – these feelings of worrying and nervousness can be hard because you don’t  know what you are doing, and especially you get panic attacks, or worse, nervous breakdown. So, if you want to release this anxiety, meditate yourself.  
  • Improves Self- Awareness – an awareness of one’s own personality or individuality, for example, your “word.”  Do you think that what comes in your mouth is correct? The way you speak to others can be good or bad. Be aware of what you tell others. Think about your words, the “in and out of your mind.” Be aware of this because it can change your surroundings. So, be mindful of your words and your mind. Be aware of what you hear. Was the thing you heard right? Or did you hear it right? Self-awareness is crucial. If people are the cause of your stress, meditate.
  • Helps Fight Memory loss – this condition is unusual forgetfulness (amnesia). Why people have memory loss? It could be because of the age of the person or a result of an accident. In that case, you are getting memory loss (stress, anxiety, depression). Alcohol also causes you to lose memory. What to do this in this case? There are some proper treatments for such a case. There are meditations for mental health conditions as well as therapy for cases of head injury.
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