Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker Specs

If you’re looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that is the perfect combination of loudness, clarity, and portability, then there aren’t many speakers, if any, which are better than the original Marshall Woburn speaker. The Marshall name in the audio equipment industry is synonymous with quality, and the Woburn Bluetooth Speaker delivers the same superior sound quality. Flaunting a classic design with knobs for volume and a vintage-looking front, the speaker is an ideal purchase for the fans of Rock n Roll.

Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker
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Marshall Sound Quality

When it comes to the sound quality, Woburn isn’t messing around. It’s designed to be loud and clear, and you’ll quickly know by its performance that Woburn holds true to the original Marshall name. The loudspeaker is impressive as it hits high trebles cleanly and loudly and handles the low bass easily, and the lifelike, clear mid-range is pretty impressive as well.

The speaker gives you custom control of the sound with the analog volume, treble, and bass knobs that you can use to adjust the sound of your music. The unique design and high-quality Marshall components of this speaker ensure that it delivers an accurate response throughout the entire frequency range.

What makes the Marshall Woburn stand out is that it delivers the highs, mid-range, and lows clearly and accurately at all volumes.

Vintage Design

Woburn is designed with the modern Marshall sound power, but it features the classic Marshall design as it’s designed to thrill. The speaker features a vintage-looking front with gold-colored metal details, and the iconic script logo gives the Woburn all the classic and vintage feels. The black vinyl casting and the classic fret grille cloth make the Woburn an instant Rock n Roll classic. This classic design is perfect for all the fans of 70s music.


  • Portable Bluetooth speaker with the option to connect digitally using an optical cable.
  • Clear highs, mid-range and lows at all volumes.
  • Accurate response throughout the frequency range.
  • Compatible with Apple TV, your cable TV, Airport Express, streaming play, hard disk player, and satellite or cable receiver.
  • Optical cable only works with PCM stereo.
  • Ability to connect to old devices via the RCA input and the modern ones via Bluetooth.
  • Coiled double-ended stereo cable featuring two 3.5mmplugs; extendable and kink-free.
  • Classic Marshall Vintage design.


It’s the best that the portable Bluetooth speaker industry has to offer, and the Woburn speaker delivers exactly what Marshall promises i.e. high quality and consistent audio performance at all volumes. The vintage design is another plus, and the additional connectivity options mean you can hook this speaker up to your old equipment or connect it to your iPhone for barbecue parties in your backyard. It’s the only portable speaker you need for listening to your music. You can connect it to almost every device, the battery timing is good, and the superior Marshall components give it the edge over the competition.

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