Learn Unity: Tutorials, Online Courses, Books

Enter a new world of possibilities by learning how to program in Unity. There are a variety of tutorials available online but here is a selected list of the best resources to learn Unity.

Best Unity Tutorials

  • Unity User Manual: One can download the Unity editor from the website itself and can have a go with Unity with the tutorials available in these documents. It guides a user and starts from the bottom with the basics. The Editor can be used to make 3D and 2D games and apps as well. This can act as a manual for all intermediate users as well.
  • Make A Game: Make a Game is an online tutorial course which is a series of videos on YouTube. It is designed to help the users perceive and lend them a helping hand in overcoming the various problems and techniques in developing games with Unity. A lot of beginners would be interested in this, and this would be helpful as well.
  • Unity Tutorials: The Unity Tutorials has been awarded the Developer Choice Awards and that reasons enough for making this a widely popular choice for learning Unity. The whole tutorials are broken up into step-by-step tutorials and thus making it easy for the people to grasp every concept.
  • Introduction To Game Development: This is also another YouTube web series, which includes many videos that provide tutorials for any aspiring game developer. But what’s great about this tutorial is that each video is modeled to provide a step-by-step guide to programming with Unity before getting to the real deal.  This tutorial is welcome to any beginner without any prior knowledge of Unity too.
  • Audio Visualisation Unity Tutorial: This is another excellent tutorial which is available on YouTube with a series of videos that guides a user to programming with Unity. This web series teaches an individual to use Fast Fourier Transform, scripting buffers and applying scripts to models, etc. It has a collection of great tutorials which every beginner will find it interesting and every enthusiastic Unity programmer will learn something new each time.

Best Unity Courses

  • Game Academy Courses: This will lead a person who has never had any experience in using a game engine. This tutorial will provide the right basis for developing games by understanding the project interface of Unity. The course level is available for all beginners as well, and certificates are awarded as well which makes it a great win-win situation for the individual.
  • Complete C# Unity Developer 2D: The Complete C# Unity Developer allows a user to learn C# from scratch. This provides a solid background for game development and design. Any beginner would be able to ease into the tutorial as the tutorial breaks the basic into modules which would help a user understand and grasp the basics perfectly.
  • Become A Game Developer/Designer: By the end of completing this Master Series, an individual would be able to create games in 2D and 3D with a proper concept of the Unity game engine. This tutorial does not only concentrate on game design but software development and film design as well. For any person who is serious about game designing, this course would assess that individual in achieving that dream.


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