Learn Python: Tutorials, Online Courses, Books

Python is one of the top five most popular computer languages because of its accessibility and its support in a wide number of platforms. It is no wonder that more and more people are interested in learning Python and as of which, there are countless tutorials online which can help a person code in no time:

Here are the eight best resources to learn Python:

Best Python Tutorials

  • Google’s Python Class: This is one of the initiatives taken by Google for educating people who have a little bit of programming experience and for those who are interested in learning Python. The whole tutorial includes videos of lectures, code exercises and written materials. It eases a student into it with easy programming and works its way into solving complex coding exercises. This is a great site to enhance one’s skills and as well as acquire a new skill.
  • Introduction To Programming With Python: This is another great resource which is a great introduction to Python. Susan Ibach and Christopher Harrison lead any beginner on a journey of coding by touching every side of the basics of programming with Python.
  • The Python Guru: This is a tutorial that starts from scratch and ends with the individual becoming a better Python programmer. The user can jump into any section with the indexed headings in the website.

Best Python Books

  • Learn Python The Hard Way : “Learn Python the Hard Way” is an ebook which is free for everyone. It is accessible from any device which includes mobiles and tablets. The online version is free but for the offline mode is not, and it costs about $30. But we’re living in times when the internet is not much of a problem.
  • Automate The Boring Stuff With Python: This is available to buy and can be read for free with a Creative Commons license. The book guides a person with a step-by-step instruction set and ends every module with a practice set. This is a great book to get a person started with automating the hard and complicated programming tasks.
  • A Byte Of Python: This is another free ebook which is available for an eager reader and a future Python programmer. This is the right book for any beginner, and it is also the right book for any intermediate Python programmer to own. The concepts are explained in simpler versions which make it accessible and understandable to any newbie.

Best Python Online Courses

  • The Python Bible: This is the place to start Python for beginners. The reason why this website has resonated with a lot of people is that that the website makes sure that this tutorial is open to all and not only to ‘computer literates’. This tutorial will get you making projects and coding with ease with improved efficiency and speed.
  • Complete Python Bootcamp: This ‘bootcamp’ has about 185 lectures. The course is a great way for beginners as well, and the duration of the course is around 24 hours. It covers all the basics of Python and works its way up into the heavy stuff gradually. If you are up for a challenge, then this is the website for you.


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