10 Hobbies That Look Great on Your Resume

If there is a need for some improvement in your resume, you should consider some considerations in the inclusion by listing your favorite hobbies. Work-related and job experience are both impressive plus points for you. By giving employers a glance of what your hobbies are, and your leisure time might help you in some ways to stand out among all the applicants.

Below are the ten hobbies that look great on your resume and the reasons why you should consider your hobbies.


Yoga is a physical activity that shows dedication, commitment, calmness, and in-controlled. The ability to breath in times of stressful situations will look that the person can handle pressure despite the problems of the environment creates.

Extreme Adventures

Adventures are said to be the best education we can gain in our lives. So, id the person had experienced extreme adventures would be his or her assets and fit in a leadership role.

Video production

Video production requires a lot to do it properly. It requires an eye to detail and concentration.

Strategy Games

Games like chess or sudoku require it to think a person critically and logically to win with it. Listing it on your resume will gain a good impression to your employer that you can solve in problems strategically.

Creative Pursuits

Whether your hobby is drawing painting or even cooking requires imagination and creativity.

In the world of work, merely seeing your employer on your resume might be impressed by your ability.

Club Membership

By joining club shows, you have something characteristics in you like you show initiative and communicative. If you hold a position, you might assign you as president or treasurer job.


Share your blogs that are not offensive. You can include it, but there are exceptions.

Endurance Sports

Listing it on your resume might show that you can make decisions and commit to a role given to you.

Team Sports

Team sports are useful in communications and work well under pressure.

It is useful when you are applying that involves teamwork and building a relationship with clients.

Volunteering and Community Involvement

Showcasing your ability about your support in the community will show initiative and ability to work well with other people.


When listing important information about yourself, it also a need for us to include hobbies to see by the employers some part of you as an applicant and willing to work with them.

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