Google releases a demo Flutter UWP app into the Microsoft Store

Till now we’ve known that Google’s Flutter is a portable framework for creating cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, web, and desktop from a single codebase.

In the middle of 2020, Google said they asked Microsoft for your help to bring Flutter to Windows. Then in September Google announced the alpha release of Flutter support for Windows. Flutter Gallery was the first app released to UWP store as an example demo to show the Flutter framework running as a UWP on Windows.

In November, Google released the 2nd app for UWP. It is called Flutter Desktop Photo Search. Flutter apps are compiled to native 64-bit code that you can package and bring to other Windows PCs just like any other native app.

The Flutter Desktop Photo Search is a Flutter sample app which allows you to search for photos using the Unsplash API. The app is published in order to showcase how smooth and responsive Flutter apps are on Windows. The app allows you to search in the database, but don’t allow you to do anything to the found pictures.

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