5 Places To Buy Cheap Video Games For Steam, PS4 And Xbox One Platforms

Finding rare games for your console or platform isn’t an easy task. However, if you know where to look, it will become much simpler. Below we will discuss some of the best and the most popular places where you can find old and new games, additional keys and etc.


Prey on G2A

G2A is one of the biggest marketplaces where you can purchase games, keys and etc. They also offer keys for obsolete software, which may be suspicious, but according to the latest reviews and checks, it is perfectly safe. The site is equivalent to eBay, but it specializes games only.

Furthermore, the site is appreciated for low prices of the games. In a matter of fact, steam games are far cheaper than you can get them in other places. Nevertheless, old and new versions are supported. According to the latest update, G2A implemented new systems for seller verification, making the site even safer.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a completely different site. It is commonly compared to Stream and opinions are versatile. First of all, the site works on donation principle, meaning that you can get a game by donating funds. It is also possible to choose a donation where you want to donate.

Additional facts include affordable prices, starting at $1! We must mention that the number of games are constantly increasing, while still allowing you to choose a single element of a bundle, which makes them even more affordable.

Play-Asia Weekly Special

Using a Play-Asia Weekly Special you can get cheap games for most platforms. Currently, the site is investing in new game acquiring, so soon we can expect to get plenty of new releases. The site is probably the best choice if you live in Asia. Not only it allows you to get games which are rare and almost impossible to find, it also covers all countries and places, so even if you live in a distant area of a country, you can get a game.

The time needed for you to get a game or a code varies. Most users reported that the codes are delivered instantly. Keep in mind that you will have to wait in some cases, depending on your location.

Amazon Discount

Amazon is probably the leader when it comes to a variety of games you can find. They are safe to buy and they have a well-known reputation. Still, you will have to wait for a discount if you want to get a desirable game cheaper than usual.

The prices are still slightly higher compared to G2A, but it cannot be generalized, due to the fact it depends on a seller you are buying from. Discounts vary between 5% and 70%.


Gamestop is another interesting site where you can buy games. Although they sell new games, consoles, and controllers, we liked the fact they sell used games as well. They are located in the United States and they have been known for incredibly affordable rates.

For new players and those who are constantly looking for cheap used games, this site is probably the best alternative.


All of the sites we mentioned here are safe to use and they offer a high number of games and game accessories. Spend some time browsing them and place your order today.


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