Fashion as a Hobby

Fashion style is not everyone’s plate. Some are able to pull off a simple shirt and jeans into a stunning look, while others are just plain simple. It is totally okay not to have a distinct style. After all, it’s something you can learn over time (fortunately!) if you wish to.

How to Develop a Sense of Style from Scratch

How to get started? Fashion experts recommend these tips!

Be an Expert Observer

The first step towards developing your own sense of style is to be an expert observer. Pay attention to what people around you are wearing. What types of clothing items do they wear, colors they mix, accessories they paired off with, and so on? You can merely sit in a cafe and watch women or men passing by. Otherwise, attend fashion events for a much better idea.

Start with Your Most-Worn Pieces

Your most worn pieces could go a long way towards helping you achieve the right fashion style for you. Plus, it is practical! You don’t have to go from one store to another on a frequent basis just to buy brand new apparel. Determine what separates your favorite pieces from the rest – be that overall style, colors, details, fabric, or more. This will leave you with a comprehensive list of things that are according to your style and that you could use a guide when shopping.

Get Some Inspiration and Then Imitate

Is there a model, actor, or public figure who inspires you? Then, adopt the way they wear clothes. You can also get inspiration from online magazines, style blogs, Pinterest boards, and Instagram feeds. Now, recreate them with things you already have. For instance, you fall in love with a certain look that has a leather jacket, jeans, a t-shirt, and boots. Instead of using the same moto jacket, use the leather bomb in your closet.  You can be flexible, depending on what you have.

Be Courageous

Do not box yourself in with specific rules. Have the courage to be vulnerable, to let go of beauty standards and trends that do not measure up to who you are. So, forget what popular models or artists are wearing. Just focus on items that fit well to your lifestyle and flatter your body.

Remember that your style represents who you are to the world. You must know what you’re really looking for when it comes to developing a sense of style. You can consult a variety of fashionable sources to help you out. Do what feels and looks good to you until you develop your individual style brand.

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