Drawing as a Hobby

Drawing is a form of art. Many people love to draw. In fact, there are people who are famous for drawing only. Like Michael Angelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and many more veteran artists in the world.

The artist, Michael Angelo, was a famous Italian architect, painter, sculpture, and poet during the High Renaissance period. One of his masterpieces was the Sistine chapel ceiling at the Vatican chapel. This painting is so beautiful and alive to look at, and you can’t miss it because you will be amazed at the work of Michael Angelo.  

Next is Leonardo Da Vinci, also Italian figure of the Renaissance, who was famous for his inventions, drawings, paintings, sculptures, architectures, his interests in science, mathematics, music, engineering, literature, geology, anatomy, astronomy, paleontology, botany, as well as cartography. Mona Lisa is the most popular masterpiece of the Vinci. She is popular around the world because she looks alive and also because of her unique smile. Every angle you look at Mona Lisa’s picture, it looks at you and you always smile at any angle, because of her demure expressions. Thus, Da Vinci has achieved that unusual effect evident at the Mona Lisa’s smile.

Drawings are diagrams or pictures created using a pen, a pencil, or crayons instead of paint. So, drawing can be a good hobby, as you can express what you feel inside. Like the children, even though they are not as good at drawing yet, a simple drawing will tell you that they love what they are doing. There is an expert who can explain what kind of drawing they have created. If drawing is your passion, there are also some schools to teach you about drawing. If you want to learn how to draw a lot of more and how you can even enhance your talent, enroll now.

Drawing also helps people. For example, if a stressed person. Drawing can help improve the mood and reduce stress. It can also be used as meditation therapy to relax the mind.  It can help to develop the minds especially the children. Even if you do not speak a word, the only thing you can use is drawing and you can understand their feelings.

So, drawing is a beautiful hobby in our lives. You can express your feelings to everyone. The most important thing is using your talent in a good way for this talent might bring you far.

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