4 Different Types Of Sunburn

During summer, it’s fun to spend a long vacation in a beach resort. Aside from the picturesque views and crystal-clear water, sunbathing is refreshing.

After hours of exposure to UV rays, you might suffer from sunburn. Of course, you wear some cream. But the protection does not last for a day. So, the risk of getting sunburn is higher than ever.

While there are many things to understand, knowing the types of sunburn is a good start.

First-Degree Burn

You would be lucky when you only get a first-degree burn as it is least harmful. Common symptoms include redness, skin dryness, and pain. Don’t be alarmed when you suffer from this type of sunburn. Usually, it heals after 3 days. But it depends. Other patients bring back their flawless skin after a maximum of 6 days.

SecondDegree Burn

Also called as superficial partial-thickness burn, a second-degree type of burn affects the skin’s top two layers. It usually hurts when the temperature changes. Other symptoms include blisters. For the healing period, it takes around 7 or 21 days. But you might develop a scar, so consult a dermatologist right away.

ThirdDegree Burn

Known as deep partial-thickness burn, a third-degree burn is more severe than you have thought. Similar to a second-degree burn, your skin might have blisters, which take longer to heal. Also, expect a big scar on your skin. For your convenience, wear creams at all times. Then, use the right jacket to enjoy additional protection.

FourthDegree Burn

A fourth-degree burn is extremely serious and must be avoided. Known as full-thickness burn, it is painful, which requires a surgery and other similar operations. What makes it severe is that it targets all skin layers. Without immediate treatment, the skin usually turns to black, grey, or white.

Any type of sunburn is a headache. To reduce your risk, use creams prescribed by a dermatologist. Then, wear the right outfit as much as possible.

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