5 Coolest LEGO Batman Sets in 2023

Lego Batman is a popular movie with kids and adults alike. This post introduces 5 coolest Lego batman sets that are currently available. Included in this list are some of the most sought-after collectibles, as well as more affordable options for those who may not be able to afford the higher-end pieces. All of these factors should help you decide which set will be best for your needs!

Why People Love Batman

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes in comic books and movies, beloved for his brooding personality. He’s a hero who beats up criminals as well as being an avenging angel for justice.

The Dark Knight has been around since 1939 when he first appeared on Batman #16, though it wasn’t until 1943 that he was called “Batman.” His popularity exploded after Frank Miller reinvented him with The Dark Knight Returns, which became an instant success in 1986 and set the tone for future iterations of the character.

He now appears in all sorts of media including video games, TV shows like Gotham where he’s played by Ben Affleck and even Lego films!

Some people are fans just because they think Batman looks cool or drives fast cars, but really he’s one of the most iconic and interesting superheroes out there.

5 Coolest LEGO Batman Sets

LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes The Joker Challenge

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Have an overzealous battle of wits with your thrill-seeking toddler as they recreate iconic DC Super Hero scenes, build skills and learn through this one-of-a-kind play set! With 200 bricks including Batman and The Joker figures, accessories such as a bat radar mobile and our other own creations, endless building possibilities await! Whether it’s defending Gotham City from masked villains or stopping the mad Joker in his tracks – children will always enjoy seeing who comes out on top.

This LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes The Joker Challenge includes a Batman minifigure and the Joker figure. Your child also gets some extra accessories including Batarang, radar, decorated control panel brick and a fence. Watch your child create endless adventures with these iconic DC Super Hero characters! Help them master basic building skills with this fun model.

LEGO Batman The Tumbler

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Batman needs the best accessories and this is just what he’s looking for. Watch as Batman effortlessly maneuvers The Tumbler from tricks to treats in style. Don’t worry about a bad trip, this vehicle has an armored exterior that will keep your favorite crime fighter safe and sound from any oncoming bumps and bruises.

New additions include luxurious seats, adjustable wings, luxe wheels, and detailed interiors with lots of space to store all his goodies for that big day out on these mean streets (sold separately). Get ready Batman because once you enter this mobile fortress there’s no going back!

With adjustable top wings, an armored exterior, a detailed interior and huge rubber-tread racing tires, the LEGO Batman The Tumbler set will make traveling by land fantastic. It even includes two very special minifigures: Batman and the Joker! This set also features new streamlined front wheels that give it extra smoothness. If you are into vehicles from The Dark Knight Trilogy movie, or if you happen to love everything about Batman (or villains!), then this is definitely for you!

LEGO 10672 Juniors Batman: Defend The Bat Cave

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A dark knight, a near-genius villain and the muscle head of Batman’s crime-fighting team are all that stand between you and the Joker in this Juniors theme. The Batcave is your mission briefing area where you’ll be repping for Gotham City to save citizens from rampaging crooks.

Watch out for The Joker’s catapult though! When it comes to stopping crooks on the streets you’ll rely on Bruce Wayne’s trusty car and Robin’s sharp staff as well any weapon bits the baddies may be carrying around. Save some frozen mallet mayhem for them by using stealth tactics whenever possible even if the price is high because what good is glory without someone to back you up? With easy building instructions, age-appropriate construction and a whole lot of bashing fun, this is the perfect set for any budding superhero.

LEGO Batman Movie The Ultimate Batmobile 70917 Building Kit

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Built to unite Batman and his friends against the Joker, this Batmobile has all the innovation to take on any foe. This set is built with 8 different figures, brick-built wings that open for flight and missiles as well as two separate driver seats. Toy breaks are a thing of the past when you’ve got your own Ultimate Batmobile!

Help save Gotham City from being completely owned by The Wicked Witch with help from your favorite characters. Take down her flying monkeys while driving around Gotham or start off in trip mode to keep traffic under control before transforming into full fighting gear. Become either Bruce Wayne or Dick Grayson so you can jump out at every opportunity for double-trouble fun times! 

LEGO DC Super Heroes App-Controlled Batmobile

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This Batmobile is road-ready as soon as it starts building. You’ll get an immersive experience with the Batmobile toy and if you’re a builder at heart, then this set provides endless possible configurations and challenges for hours of creative play both inside and outside. 

Included is a detailed Batman mini figurine so that you can add to your favorite Super Heroes’ crew on the batcycle or any other LEGO DC Super Hero vehicles or mix them up with classic LEGO DUPLO bricks!

Remote-controlled Batmobile for children ages 5+ is a building with 321 pieces and includes Batman minifigure. The LEGO sets also supports application containing different levels, so the Batmobile may do wheelies or shoot at targets while driving remotely with your Android or iOS device.

Good as presents to friends who are enthusiastic about Batman, this RFID enabled remote-controlled Batmobile will not disappoint all DC nerds!

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