TOGUARD Dual Dash Cam Review

Toguard Dual Dash Cam is that the latest dashcam that’s specifically deliberated by Toguard for Uber drivers. This sort of dashcam became more and more popular across the globe. The Toguard company creates a dashcam to help drivers to watch over the road ahead and to stay an eye fixed on what’s an event  at the backseat

BENGOO G9000 Headset Review

BENGOO G9000 gaming headset is a great headphone, especially for gamers. This easy plug and play headset bring a lifelike sound field, clarity, and sound-shock feelings. It has super soft over-ear pads made out of skin-friendly leather material which reduces heat sweat and makes it comfortable to use it for a long time. It is fairly …

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10 Google Sheets Tips to Make the Most of It

Google Sheets (was Google Spreedsheets) users can freely make a sheet, tally, or record of vital information and data that plays a big role in their job or task. To help you in using the Google Sheets like a pro, here are some tips to be considered.

10 Best Smartphone Accessories

From portable chargers to keep powered up for many days, a protective case to keep the phone safe from accidental falls, there are lots of fun and practical accessories available for your smartphone. Well-chosen accessories can increase the usability of your phone and make it perform things that are not likely on its own. Here …

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5 Best Windows 10 Tablet Brands

Nowadays there are 3 main players in tablet market – iPad and Windows 10 tablets, and Android tablets. People tend to choose Windows 10 tablets if they want to work using familiar Windows software.

Galaxy S10

10 Best Smartphone Brands – Best New Smartphones of Each Brand in 2020

Smartphones have become the most necessary tech gadget. It helps people do many things such as capturing beautiful moments with camera, communicating with friends, playing games, managing their finance, navigate users to right place, and many more. There are so many phone brands in the market. This post will introduce the top 10 smartphone brands.

Best Apple Products in 2019

Apple products are expensive but they certainly occupy a space of their own in the technology world. Each year Apple must hold their own against the best of them both in design and computing power.

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