How to Enable Dark Mode on Windows 10

Working longer hours in computers can give you eye strain. With this, the best solution you can do is to enable dark mode on Windows 10. The following ideas will help you to eliminate the white space on your computer screen.

How To Release and Renew an IP Address

If you are an IT person, you know about releasing and renewing your IP address. This skill is important for you to easily connect your computer on the local LAN network or internet. If you renew your IP address, you can fix the IP address conflict.

Ways to Clear Memory and Boost RAM on Windows

Your computer might be in top performance from the past months. But, you suddenly noticed that it run slowly and you’re facing PC performance issues all the time. You would think to bring your computer to a repair shop to have it checked.  That might not be the best solution if you can clear memory and boost the RAM of your PC.

How To Make A GIF From A Youtube Video

These days, you can find GIFs almost everywhere. While some don’t see them funny, they don’t use them now and then to roast someone about her or his profile picture on FB or to show enthusiasm on The Office coming back to television.

5 Best Game Controllers for PC

You need a good controller for you to play video games. Yes, your keyboard and mouse might be doing great in your shooting and strategy battle. But, a PC controller gives you the edge to level up your gameplay. So, you need to buy a suitable controller for the games you’re playing.

5 Best Cheap Gaming Laptops under $1000

You love to play games on your laptop, but you’re on tight a budget. Then, you decided that it’s time to buy a gaming laptop. But, how do you select a gaming laptop under $1000? Would you buy the laptops you see in the supermarket or take the laptop your friend offers you?