5 Best Cheap Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen

Do you like to make a video blog? Then, you need to have best Vlogging camera to achieve your goals. Every blogger requires a quality Vlogging camera that enables him or her to capture HD video shots. It’s terrific to watch your videos in HD, and you might even take photos too!

5 Best Portable USB-Powered Monitors

If you’re multitasking all the time using your desktop computer, you need an extra monitor to make the job easy for you. Yes! Your work would be effective particularly if you aim to meet the deadline for the day.  But, what if you’re using a tablet or a laptop? Don’t worry! Manufacturers have come up with the best solution to the problem – USB powered monitors!  These USB monitors are handy as you bring your laptop when you travel.

5 Best Gaming Mini PCs

The advent of modern technology made computer gaming drastically evolve and step into a whole new higher level. This was made possible with the introduction of computer systems that can be dedicated solely to gaming. As a result, playing computer games today are more interactive and enjoyable. Speaking of which, here are 5 best gaming mini computers out in the market so far.

5 Best SIM Card Adapters: Micro, Nano and Standard Sim

While smartphones today get bigger and bigger, the SIM cards get smaller and smaller than their original size. SIM cards are essential accessories to smartphones, which you can now get in SIM card adapters you can buy for a cheap price.

5 Best Android Gaming Phones

You can play games on almost every smartphone these days. However, some of them are better for games thanks to features meant for playing games incorporated in them. Some phones today have features where you can play the latest games with console quality.

With these Android gaming phones, you can have the best experience of playing games while on the move. The question, however, is how do you find which phone is perfect for gaming? What are the best Android gaming phones?

15+ Best Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is considered to be a dominant internet browser currently with over 60% of the population opting for it as their go-to browser. There are various extensions that can be added to Chrome which serve to enhance the features of the browser.

15 Best Firefox Addons

Firefox is a quality internet browser that is used by many around the world. This doesn’t mean that it is perfect. All its imperfections can be perfected by adding quality extensions to it. Here are the top ten Firefox addons that are worthy of being installed.

20+ Best Linux Software

Every user of Linux has a set of her or his preferred, must-have apps. The variety depends on their habits, preferences, and most of the time on the distribution they utilize; this is because not all Linux distributions deliver the same applications by default.

How to Use Bold, Italic Characters and Emojis in Twitter and Facebook

There are many reasons why people would want to use a special symbol or character on Twitter and Facebook. A Hyphen for a foreign language, math related posts or perhaps you want to be creative, no matter what it is, you do not have to be limited by what the keyboard enables you to do on your preferred social media websites.


Buying a monitor is not as difficult as choosing between other fancy electronic gadgets. Generally, the size of the display screen is the first thing that we put into consideration for a lot of people. But there are several other aspects like the refresh rate, visual representation, color reproduction, panel technology, etc. There are plenty of monitors available in the market today but here is a comparison between In-Panel Switching (IPS) Panel Technology monitors and Light Emitting Diode LED monitors.