Google Docs Tips – Tips for Beginners, Hotkeys

Google Docs can be compared and do have some similarities in the Microsoft Word, generated and owned by Microsoft. This online tool allows a user to create documents. It is also free to use without any required additional payments. It can be accessed and used on its own website on the internet.

10 Cool and Unique Alarm Clocks

10% of all people are morning people who can rise and get out of bed easily. This means that 90% of us have problems getting up in the morning. We need some motivation or even better we need an alarm clock that will get us from bed within seconds. Below you can see 10 models that are designed for this very reason.

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How Do I Show Hidden Notification Area’s Icons in Windows 10?

Notification area icons can be found at the right end of Windows 10 Taskbar. It has icons of apps which give status as well as a notification on things like updates, incoming email as well as network connectivity. You can modify which notifications and icons appear there. This guide will show you how to hide or show icons on the Taskbar in Windows 10.

How to Password Protect a USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive is known as a basic necessity for everyone. This is where we usually install our data and information that are private, and some have something that can be used against us. That is why we should be able to protect our flash drive so that everyone cannot easily access them. One thing that you can do to avoid your flash drive to be used by anyone is to provide some security lock on the files you have. This will prevent the unwanted people who have your flash drive to see your documents.

How to Send Files Too Big for Email

One usual hassle for emails is when you want to send some videos and pictures all at once but it ends up taking too long to process. The worst part is sometimes it does not send or it creates some error upon sending the documents. You might think that it is not possible for the file to be sent, but there are ways to send the files – big or small – through email. You can continue reading below for some tips and ways on how to send them.

7 Ways to Fix Google Chrome Crashing, Freezing or Not Responding

Google Chrome has become one of the most accessible applications that anyone can use. They have specific features more improved than other searching applications. One of the most obvious things that can happen when using Google Chrome is that it sometimes crashes or it becomes unresponsive. Several factors contribute to these kinds of events. You can prevent this kind of things from happening when you use fewer tabs. Sometimes, it can be unavoidable, especially when you need to do a lot of task on a specific time.

5 Best IFTTT Alternatives

IFTTT is a web service that lets applications and others, such as emails to be automated. It stands for If This, Then That. It is a process wherein it is called recipes, and anyone can upload. This service lets the user create shortcut actions and applications. There are some alternatives with almost the same features with IFTTT.

2 Best Transcription Tools for Transforming Audio to Text

The digital offers us new possibilities through audio and video content. People who aim to be influencers use social media to display their video content. It’s an excellent strategy to connect to large audiences around the world.