5 Mobile Phones With A Projector

Smartphones with an integrated projector are certainly for those who like showing their pictures and videos to several viewers at once at any time and at any place. Although they do not replace the projectors, no one can deny their usage for an instant, self-run show.

These phones usually have an inserted, separate, or a peripheral projector that functions by casting the screen onto a bigger surface. They are most useful for showing presentations or view content on a bigger screen.

Crenova XPE496 1080P HD Home Portable Video Projector Review

The highly popular Crenova XPE460 LED video projector is gaining a lot of attention with the tech-savvy public for all the right reasons. The popularity has to do with the basis that it is cheap but tightly packed with all the functionality a video projector is supposed to provide.

8Bitdo SF30 Pro Controller Review

With retro gaming making a comeback, I was particularly interested in the launch of SNES’s latest controller – the 8Bitdo SF30 Pro gamepad. This newer model is compatible with a whole range of platforms including Windows, Android, Mac and of course Nintendo Switch. The thing that will strike you about its physical appearance is that it not only looks like a modern controller, but it looks like a Super Nintendo controller. For the folks who grew up playing ‘Super Mario’ and ‘The Legend of Zelda’, this is going to take you on a trip to nostalgia. Apart from that, 8BitDo has set the bar for third-party controllers, because the response from the gamepad is always impressive no matter what platform it is being operated on so much as though it feels like you are using a wired device. I have compiled a list of points concerning the8Bitdo SF30 Pro where some are great, and some are not so great, so if you are curious about this gamepad, I would suggest that you read along.

Gmail: Hide Labeled Emails from Inbox

It is well-known that Gmail allows users to apply label to incoming mails based on a set of conditions like from, title. It is a useful feature which are used by the mass. However, those emails are still displayed in Inbox, which is a annoying in some situations. You can hide them by following this tutorial.

Vivo Nex Review

Of late there has been an increased shift to bezel-less designs and taller displays in the Smartphone world. Although I have been interested in phones with minimum bezels, not one caught my attention, unlike the Vivo NEX. What caught my eyes was the beautiful display and design. The Front is dominated by a huge screen and tiny bezels which are barely noticeable. This intrigued me and since it was also time for me to upgrade my Smartphone I decided to go with the Vivo NEX. In this Review, I will talk about the things I liked and the things I disliked about it. So, without further ado let’s jump into the review.

Android Wiki: A List of Most Used Terms

This Android wiki page lists short definition of popular terms which many new Android users might not know. I’m going to update this page regularly. Please help with term suggestion or report wrong information of a term in the comment section below.

CINEMOOD Portable Movie Projector Allows Your Kids to Watch Their Favorite Movies

Problematic electronics are no longer a problem with the help of the portable CINEMOOD Portable Movie Projector.

How many times have you come home from a long, stressful day at work with the kids screaming at you that they’re hungry or having boy/girlfriend troubles? Couple all this with electronic problems when the only thing you long for is to lay down and watch your favorite movie before bed.  Your Wi-Fi is messed up, your computer isn’t acting right,and you can’t watch your favorite TV show or movie on Hulu or Amazon.

Top 6 Tricky Games for Android

Quiz games are popular among casual gamers. Among them, games with tricky questions are fun to play and require players to think in a unique way in order to solve problems.  Following are the best 5 tricky games you can find on Android store

How to Remove Related Videos from Embedded YouTube Video

As you already knew, there are many similar videos displayed at the end off an embedded Youtube video. It is a great feature because users can continue to watch similar videos. However, it is not always ideal in some situations. When you make a business video, you don’t want to show related business at all. The solution is to disable suggested videos. Following are 2 ways you can remove related videos from an embedded Youtube video.