Top 10 iPhone Pixel-Art Games

When it comes to smartphone games there are a ton of different graphical styles that devs like to use but there is one in particular that recalls the golden age for veteran console gamers, and that is pixel art.

Pixel-art games recreate the iconic style of the Nintendo NES and Sega Genesis days but with modern gameplay and tech powering it all. There’s a certain beauty to these games that makes them both classic and timeless. Indeed, if you’re looking for the retro label to be applied to your game, applying a thick coat of pixel-art should do the trick.

5 Best Android Shopping Apps

The way to shop these days is online shopping. There are many apps you can use to browse stuff to buy on your mobile device. Here are the best shopping apps for Android.

5 Best Android Apps to Create Logo

A business logo has many benefits to offer for a company or organization. It establishes credibility, builds trust, increases the pool of customers, and promotes brand awareness. But most people struggle in maximizing the effectiveness of a logo. Don’t panic!All the hassles would turn into convenience with the availability of Android apps. Here are some of the best options to choose from:

Logo Maker – Designer, Generator & Logo Creator

Fully loaded solution, this Android app allows everyone to create unique and professional logos in smartphones. While it is easy to use, it is fast and responsible. It has a multitude of arts, colors, themes, and background. It also comes with professional photo editing tools to provide a unique result.

Logo Maker Plus – Logo Creator & Graphic Design

Packed with thousands of free graphic elements, this another android app has a variety of editing options. While you can customize the result, you can enjoy a logo that enhances your reputation. Catching people’s interest and attention will be easy. What’s even more interesting about it is the icons on each category. There’s also a texture image to enhance the curb value and aesthetic appeal of your logo.

Logo Maker – Icon Maker & Graphic Design Generator

Another best option is this android application. As with the other options in this list, it is feature-packed, leading to immense success in the business. It has a collection of logo templates, photo stickers, and high-level customization support. While users can add text with different fonts or text effects, they can also redo the changes and share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Canva – Invitation Maker, Graphic Design & Poster

Reputed for simple and amazing design, this Android app enables you to create a professional and special design for any project. There’s no required skills or prior experience. Whether you need a Facebook header or photo collage, Canva is good to go. Not only can it help you create FB posts or covers, but it can also provide snapchat geofilters.

Logo Maker

Every business has a goal to have a logo that represents their professionalism, commitment, and integrity. But, without the right knowledge, your first logo would be a big failure. With this android app, you can make your dream logo a reality. There are lots of icons, fonts, and images to reach all your customization needs.

Create now your logo with any of these Android apps. While you can release a professional and stunning logo, you can make an impact on your targeted market. ENJOY!

5 Best Android Apps to Create Avatar

Mobile applications are fun to use. Some are educational. Others are used for entertainment purposes, and one of those are the apps that create an avatar. But with the growing number of options, it is hard to choose the right one. Take a close look at the following:

5 Best Android Habit Tracker Apps

Do you have lots of things to do at home or in the workplace? Do you finish fewer tasks than you’re supposed to do? Whatever the case may be, a habit tracker application for Android phones plays a vital role in boosting your productivity. Here are some of the best options to try:

20 Best Free Android Apps of All Time

There are more than 3 million apps available in Google Play and the App Store and many of these apps have the same functionality. Rather than spending countless of hours searching for the best app, here the are the best free android apps of all time that you must have to make your life better.

20+ Best Free Android Games of All Time

The best things in life are those for free. These 20 best free android games of all time are the favorites of young kids and adults alike and they wont cost you a dime to download. From running on temples to surfing on the subway, these games are fund and addictive at the same time. They can be played on your Android phone anytime and anywhere you want.

5+ Best Android Clock Widgets

Nearly every Android phone user has a clock widget that comes with the phone. However, if you are all about customization, and choosing a widget that offers just a bit more than the average clock, you are sure to find one that you will love on our list of the best 5 Android clock widgets.

10+ Best Sniper Games for Android

Sniping games are always fun, be it on a PC or on Android. Below are the best ones on Android and don’t forget to get a bluetooth game controller to maximize your shooting experience.

Sniper Shooter Free – Fun Game

The game is a light game with comedic elements. Characters are all visualized as stick men. The gameplay is simple as you only need to tilt the phone to aim at target then tap to shoot. The game features 13 chapters with different targets and missions.

Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury is a free sniper game available on Android, and it’s arguably the best one. This game is all about becoming the best sniper and taking action. The game is simple; just shoot to kill. It’s a stunning FPS game as you take on the fight against evil with over 130 unique missions and unbelievably immersive 3D graphics, featuring exotic locations and urban skyscrapers.