All Luffy’s Gears: From Gear Second to Gear Fifth

Luffy’s Gears is something you are interested in? Well, here we will explain all of them and help you understand each one. There are 4 of them that deserve the place to be on the list and each one is completely different than the previous one. Let’s begin.

Monkey D. Luffy’s Mom

It is a fact that One Piece is one of the favorite anime’s of the youth and young at hearts. However, Monkey D. Luffy’s mom is never mentioned in One Piece which makes it more interesting. There are just two possibilities. She is covering up, or she is already dead which some people may believe. …

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Why is BTS Popular?

A seven-member K-Pop group rises! A boy band that is loved by many people are talented creatures with the looks any boy band possess. They were formed by Big Hit Entertainment in 2013. And now they are conquering the whole globe with their songs and awesome dance moves, great personalities, and has a good sense …

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