Working with Android ImageView and Bitmap

android.widget.ImageView is the main class to handle image files. ImageView loads, optimizes and displays image. Android devices come in different screens and dpi, which make it easy to implement but hard to master image in Android. To make it simple, I won’t go discuss about screen resolution of different Android devices in this tutorial.

Android Picasso Example in Android Studio

Picasso is an image library for Android. It simplifies the process of displaying images from internal storage or from an external URL. When it comes to processing images in an app, Picasso is always my choice. Loading an image is just simple like this:

5 Services with API and SDK for Chat and Message App Development

Developing a chat or message app requires lots of skills, including server’s back-end service creation skill and Android development skill. It is better for a developer to let a 3rd-party handle server logic and scalability to focus on Android development only. There are many services which provides back-end for message storage while providing API & …

5 Services with API and SDK for Chat and Message App Development Read More »

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