Bowling as a Hobby

Are you looking for a sporty workout? Do you like playing bowling?  Well, playing bowling and making it as your hobby has many excellent benefits for your health. Playing bowling is a great exercise which can help you burn your calories. But not only that, there’s more!

It is good for Weight Loss

Even the allocated area of playing a bowling is small, it can help you burn more calories, and it is an effective way to have weight loss. By simply having a back and forth walking in your lane, is one of the reasons why you burn calories. A little tip for you, playing bowling can help you burn around 175 to 300 calorie an hour.

It improves your balance and flexibility

Playing bowling needed a proper form, and in every time that you will throw the ball, you are improving your balance. It also improves your flexibility by stretching, twisting, and lunging your body.

You have a better hand-eye coordination

By aiming to hit all the ten pins in throwing the ball down in the lane into the goal, your hand and eye need a good coordination. Improving your hand and eye coordination takes more time, so the more you play, the more you will develop the coordination of the two.

You will gain muscle growth

Swaying, throwing, and walking are the simple things that we do in playing bowling. With these three steps, we can gain muscle growth because of the repetitive action that we do it strengthens our muscles in our arms, legs, shoulders, and chest. The added weight of the bowl, and repeatedly throwing it, your muscles will be enhanced.

It also improves your social life

Because bowling is a social sport while playing bowling, it improves your social life. It is when you play it with your friends, and you have the time to have chit- chats with them sharing laughs and also you can meet new friends in the area.

Considering bowling as your hobby can give you a better version of yourself. A physically and mentally fit and sporty one in bowling. You will gain good physical points which your muscles are moving, and you can burn fats while playing.   You can also be mentally fit because it is a good stress reliever considering that you can socialize with others. It also improves your self-confidence, and you can release your stresses by throwing the ball. Since you always play it, you can enhance you’re playing and be a good bowling player. Playing bowling is not only fun, but it is also a good sport for you.

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