5 Best Wireless Charging Pads for Android and iPhone in 2023

Do you want to charge your phone wirelessly? There are many different wireless charging pads available on the market, but not all of them deliver a great user experience. In this blog post, we will be discussing 9 of the best wireless charging pads for both Android and Apple devices!

Benefits of Wireless Charging Pads

There are many benefits to using a wireless charging pad. First off, they don’t need any plugging in whatsoever! All you have to do is set your phone on the mat and it will start charging. This cuts out all of the hassle of having to find an outlet or fumble with cables, which makes for really easy use. Also, there are no interruptions from notifications coming through while you charge – so if you can’t put up your device yet because work beckons but want a quick charge first when at home or during downtime then this could be just what you’re looking for too!

Wireless chargers allow users to keep their devices anywhere within range as long as power isn’t obstructed. This means that you can keep your device on a desk, in the kitchen or even near the bed.

Wireless chargers make it easier to use devices when they are plugged into them and charging at the same time as aftermarket cases don’t hinder most wireless pads!

The only issue with any of these is that they generally cost more than wired options – but there’s no denying their convenience factor for anyone who does not want to be tied down by cables anymore.

5 Best Wireless Charging Pads for Android and iPhone

Moshi Otto Q Wireless Charger

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Otto Q is a beautiful, innovative wireless charger that provides the perfect balance of form and function. The soft silicone surface fits perfectly around your phone, which not only protects it from scratches but also ensures a secure hold when things get bumpy.

Twice as fast as wired charging and with more battery capacity than most Qi-certified wireless chargers on the market today, Otto Q is Moshi’s newest take on wireless charging and it isn’t just for iPhones. Compatibility includes Android Phones 12W max (supported by QC3 or later) (Galaxy S8/S10 series devices), 9W for iPhone 13.1+.

In addition to these fantastic features, Otto also supports fast charging 15W Max output, making it the best companion to Moshi’s Qubit 18W USB-C wall charger for iPhone!

Otto Q shines through its best in quality materials, robust design reinforced with silicon to protect against drops.

Base Station Pro

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Base Station Pro is the most thoughtful wireless charging base yet. From its machined aluminum frame to its custom, technical features, Aira has re-engineered what you’ve come to expect from a coil board solution for an ultra thin body that still provides maximum performance and convenience. With FreePower®, Base Station Pro frees you of worry with its industry leading coils nd multi-level charging capability. Now also available in matte black, this sleekly styled power station fits seamlessly into any urban setting.

Aira Base Station Pro is the only wireless charging base that features both power and Qi coils, giving you ultimate flexibility.

Aira’s smallest wireless charger brings the convenience of no cord or pad, anywhere you want to place your phone. With built-in magnets, your Base Station Pro will securely attach to our Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock and the Aira Visor for hassle-free charging. You can even use FreePower® technology with other Qi compatible smart devices. Invest in a new era that makes power simple and forget about the cords, pads and wall plugs forever!

Logitech Powered 10W Wireless Charging Pad

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If you plan to get in a workout or enjoy hours of entertainment on your phone, all while keeping it and other accessories charged, the Logitech Wireless Charging Pad is just what you need. This sleek and elegant designed pad sports premium materials so it looks as good as it performs, with its powerful 10W wireless charging for qi-enabled devices. You can even recharge Airpods Pro or Airpods (1st gen) through the Pad’s open style design that leaves them visible at all times.

The 10W Wireless Charging Pad for Qi-Enabled Devices supports fast charging of Samsung and Apple (both 9W) qi enabled smart phones. You can be assured of a reliable charge every time as the light will glow or not according to whether you have built a successful connection between the device and pad. The sleek, angled design which has been carefully ergonomically designed allows it to fit into every living space while looking elegant from all angles.

The Logitech Powered 10W Wireless Charging Pad incorporates premium quality materials with smooth material finish making it perfect for any décor setting.

Amazon Basics 15W Qi Certified Wireless Charging Pad

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If you’re looking for the best AmazonBasics product on the market, we think we’ve found it. Designed by some of the most pioneering and experienced engineers in wireless charging technology, this pad is Qi-certified to work with all phones currently on the market including iPhones.

Even as sleep-friendly as this pad gets with its led indicator that reports charge status quietly with no interruption sounds. This accessory can be used to charge through most protective cases, but magnetic or metal cases will disrupt power transfer function.

This high-speed wireless charger ensures your phone gets a charge over 9W, with 15W charging for LG phones and 10W for Samsung. You can also use your Quick Charger 3.0 adapter (9V/2A) to get 10W or the standard charger (5V/2A) to get 5W if you need it! The sleep-friendly LED indicator allows you to charge at night without any unwanted interruptions; this light will tell you when your phone has fully charged by using a tiny, quiet LED on the front of the pad that displays charge status in green, yellow and orange lights – no notification noises, so go ahead while sleeping soundly.

mophie – 2-Pack – Wireless Charge Pad

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Smartphone chargers can be cumbersome, but mophie has you covered with the world’s first wireless charging pad designed to work specifically for Apple devices and offer fast 7.5W charging speeds. 

The mophie wireless charger was developed to charge your iPhone 50% faster than standard wireless chargers, with up to a 7.5W fast charge capability. Simply place your iPhone on the wireless charging base and charging will begin instantly. When the charging is complete, an LED light will illuminate so there are no worries about remembering when it’s time to plug in—or worse yet having a dead phone after forgetting! 

For convenient placement of your device on the charging pad while using it at the same time, the mophie wireless charger features a built-in cable management system.

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