Best Walk Behind Leaf Vacuum Mulchers in 2023

Mowing the lawn is a big job for any homeowner, and it can take hours to complete. This means that many people want their lawn mowed at least once a week if they have enough time and space to do so. But what about all of those leaves that keep piling up on the ground?

Fall is a great time of year for enjoying the cool weather, but not so much if you have a lot of leaves. Trying to rake your lawn can be time consuming and tedious, as well as back breaking. Luckily there are methods that will allow you to get rid of all those leaves without having to do it yourself! We’re going to take some time today and go over 3 different mulchers that will make leaf removal easy on you this fall season.

Factors to Consider When Buying  Walk Behind Leaf Vacuum Mulchers?

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying walk behind mulchers, but here are some that often come up.


The first factor you’ll want to think about before purchasing any leaf vacuum mulcher is gas vs electric motors. Generally speaking, an electric motor will be more eco friendly because the carbon emissions from running gasoline engines can pollute our environment if improperly burned off by the engine exhaust system. However, with that said there have been advances in both battery technology as well as alternative fuel types so now most models can run off of electricity.


The second factor to think about when looking for walk behind mulchers is how easy it will be to maneuver the machine around your lawn. This can vary based on a number of factors, such as weight capacity and having wide enough tires so that you don’t get stuck in leaves or tree roots.

Weight Capacity

There are limits to how much leaf vacuum mulcher one person can handle at once-especially if they’re all dry leaves!  If you have a large yard with many trees, then you’ll want something that has more than 20 bags worth of storage capacity; most larger machines offer 30-60 gallon capacities which should do the trick without breaking down midway through your job! Weight Capacity also refers to how much the machine can hold, which is important to keep in mind when you think about how often you’ll be emptying out your used bags.

Canister Size

There are a number of different size options for vacuum mulchers that operate on bag systems-so picking what’s best for your needs will depend largely on both weight capacity (see above) as well as whether or not it has an air filtration system built into the device itself.  A larger vacuum will need more time between changes and could get clogged up over time if there’s too many leaves at once; so make sure to pick something with enough space inside! The most common sizes range from 20 gallon all the way up to 60 gallons.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most walk behind mulchers have either a one or two year warranty for parts and labor. This is important to look out for because if anything goes wrong with your machine, you’ll want it fixed in the same amount of time that you purchased it!

3 Best Walk Behind Leaf Vacuum Mulchers

Billy Goat KV600 Lawn and Litter Vacuum

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With your Billy Goat KV600 lawn vacuuming experience, you can finally enjoy going outside again without coming back in to clean up behind the kids. Simply turn on the vacuum and watch it do all the hard work for you; cleaning up the dirt and gunk that children bring indoors with them or collecting Dux kneeling under bushes trimming branches away from sidewalks. All of those unsightly stains are a thing of the past now that you have your nifty lawn vacuuming companion!

Easy to use, this spacious vacuum is significantly more powerful than most traditional vacuums. With a variable height adjustment for hard surface work or turf work, it’s versatile enough to change as the situation changes. The breathable mesh bottom bag gathers debris with five high-velocity blades that allow superior suction of both small and large particles. Gone are the zippers that make emptying difficult; in their place are marine-style clasps that open and close easily when dumping debris into waste containers.

Patriot Products CBV-2455H Walk Behind 3-In-1 Leaf Vacuum

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This powerful equipment clears a wide path of debris, from leaves to branches up to one inch thick, on just one pass! The company says that the Honda engine is “fuel efficient and quiet.”

It also has an air intake filter and a convenient blower setting for when you need to clear fallen leaves off driveways or patios, as well as chip branches into tiny pieces before they enter the vacuum tube.

With the flip of a handle you can convert this hungry beast into a powerful blower. The Honda engine delivers all the smooth, quiet, fuel efficient power you will need to make fall clean-up a breeze. With its 24 inch wide path and auto feed system, your cleaning job gets done quicker than ever before!

Your purchase will come with everything required for clearing light litter: power cord, collection bag (23 gallons), unique leaf chipper cone, 5 piece hose set.

Billy Goat KV650H Lawn and Litter Vacuum

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The Billy Goat KV650H Lawn and Litter Vacuum is one of the most durable among lawn vacuums. At 47 pounds, it’s easy to carry into a tough-to-reach space with the self-propelled tiller attachment. The 5 blade impeller cuts through maximum debris, regardless of whether you’re on hard surface or grass turf. You’ll never need to replace its 30 micron bag because it detaches from bottom making dumping much easier than running back and forth to open a zippered opening when dumping out hidden debris. 

The Billy Goat KV650H vacuum is a versatile yard work best buddy! With a large 5-blade impeller that includes serrated edges to maximize dirt removal, the vacuum feeds smoothly and with little effort – it’s perfect for both hard surfaces and turf. The breathable flip mesh bag allows you to dump debris without having messy zippers or other fasteners get in the way of your vacuuming experience. All you need are two hands!

Tips For Using Vacuum Mulchers

  • Make sure the vacuum mulcher is plugged in and turned on before you begin. You can use this device while it’s connected to a power source for extended periods of time without needing to worry about running out of juice.
  • The best way to position yourself and your machine when using a vacuum mulcher is facing downwind, with the vacuum mulcher perpendicular to you. This will allow for an even distribution of debris that has been sucked up in your yard.
  • If you’re using a corded vacuum mulcher, make sure it’s not close to any trees or bushes as they might be harmed by its suction power and may cause damage to your machine if the branches are too high off the ground.
  • It is important when working with machines like this one that safety goggles be worn at all times so you can protect yourself from dust particles and other small objects that could fly into your face while operating this type of device.

In Conclusion:  The most important thing about choosing a vacuum mulcher is picking one which meets your needs depending on how much space you need inside it as well as what size bag (or bags) it has.  Most walk behind mulchers have a one or two year warranty for parts and labor, so make sure to look out for that!

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