14 Best Unity’s Free Assets

There are many good free assets on Unity’s Asset Store. This post will compile a  list of the best free assets.

Google Play Games plugin for Unity

This plugin isn’t listed on Unity Asset Store but it is the best solution to implement Google’s Play Games API into Unity  through Unity’s social interface.

Google Mobile Ads SDK

This is another great plugin from Google which isn’t listed on Unity Asset Store. It provides an easy and free solution to integrate AdMob ads, including banner, interstitial and rewarded ads.


ProBuilder is a completely free asset which allows quick level prototype. Users can create and connect basic and advanced geometry, right in Unity editor.

CN Controls (Joystick, Touchpad, Button and D-Pad)

CN Controls provides virtual joysticks for touch screen, including D-Pad, joystick, touchpad, and button. It even provides auto-hide features which only display the joystick when user touch the screen.

Unity Anima2D

Anima2D is a 2D Skeletal Animation plugin for Unity 5. If you dont’ own any 3rd-party skeletal animation tools such as Spriter and Spine, Anima2D is a great alternative. It supports many features, including 2D bones, sprite to mesh conversion, SpriteMesh editor, automatic weights, bake animation to bones.


It is great that the developer decided to make this powerful package free. It allows you to paint information onto the vertices of a mesh right in the Unity editor and modify  meshes’ attributes. VertexPaint uses Unity 5’s new additionalVertexStream system, which allows you to override per-instance data on meshes without duplicating a full mesh. It is also packed with lots of features.

Package Uninstaller

There are many cases that we download lots of assets from the store with only purpose to see how they work. However, deleting them becomes a hassle later. This plugin can help you remove any unwanted assets.

Frame Rate Counter (FPS)

This is a necessary plugin for any developers to check what frame rate their games are running at.

AutoSaver – Don’t waste time anymore!

If you are not the type to press Ctrl+S all the time, using this plugin is a must for you. AutoSaver will save your work on regular intervals in your active scene and before entering play mode. Use it to avoid loosing hours of work.

DOTween (HOTween v2)

DOTween is a lightweight, highly optimized, and memory efficient animation engine. If you love this plugin, buy the pro version to support the developer. You can animate everything, be it GUI elements or objects.

Facebook SDK for Unity

This is the official plugin from Facebook dev team. It helps integrate Facebook SDK into Unity become easier.

Simple saved in serializable

This plugin allows you to save and load your game in simple way. It can save information from both static objects and objects created at runtime.

Simple Movie Player

It can play movies on mobile and other platforms. It supports many movie types such as mov , mpg , mpeg , mp4 , avi , asf , and 3gp.

TexturePacker Importer

TexturePacker Importer allows Unity to read sprite atlas data created with Texture Packer and save them as native Unity 2D spritesheets.

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