Best Ultralight Backpacking Chairs for Camping in 2023

Backpacking chairs are an excellent way to relax after a long day on the trail, and they can also be used for seating at camp. Ultralight backpacking chairs typically weigh less than two pounds which make them perfect for traveling with minimal weight in your backpack. In this blog post, we will cover some of the best ultralight backpacking chairs that you can purchase today.

Many ultralight campers regard chairs as an unnecessary and heavy addition to their gear list. Other backpackers won’t find it feasible to hike without a comfortable place to rest their legs when the day draws long. Not every chair is suitable for backcountry camping – you need the right mix of weight, packable size and comfort.

There are many different types of chairs to choose from. While camping, we usually bring our favorite armrests and drink holders with us but most people don’t want the extra baggage when backpacking up a mountain. Just because you’re on foot doesn’t mean your lounging experience needs to suffer; there’s an ultralight chair out there that weighs under two pounds which can fit in your pack!

Main Considerations

1. Consider the weight of your new chair – it should be less than 3 lbs. The weight of a chair matters because heavier chairs will be less comfortable to sit in for long periods.

2. Find a chair that is easy to pack and carry – some are even collapsible for easy storage. I recommend looking for one with an option of collapsing the legs and storing them away – this way you won’t have any trouble packing up your camp after hours!

3. Check if the chairs come with a carrying case or bag for easier transport.

4. Look at the quality of materials used in construction, including stitching and fabric type.

5. Make sure you can find replacement parts easily if needed.

6. Avoid buying camping chairs made from plastic materials because they don’t hold up well over time.

7. Ground elevation is an important factor to consider when choosing a chair. Some people prefer elevated chairs which can be helpful if you are in wet ground or have difficulty getting into and out of your seat as they offer more stability, but the height does not allow for prolonged sitting periods.

Best ultra lightweight camping chairs

Helinox Chair One

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For those who need something more sturdy, we recommend checking out the Helinox Chair One as it can withstand up to 275 pounds of pressure thanks to high quality aluminum legs combined with a strong polyester fabric cover. This item is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about rain ruining your camping trip.

Helinox Chair One is a lightweight and durable all-weather chair with superior comfort for sitting. The Chair One’s fabric cover, high-resistance seat back, frames and screws are designed to withstand the most demanding terrains. This portable chair has low production costs while retaining quality craftsmanship from start to finish. Durable enough for recreational use or expedition gear, it goes where you go without weighing you down; outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate this affordable comfort solution.

ALPS Mountaineering Tri-Leg Stool

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The Tri-Leg Stool is the perfect seat for when you need to get comfy but don’t have a lot of room. Despite its small size, this stool has the same comfort and stability quality as larger seats such as 14″ W x 14″ L x 16″ H. As an added bonus the Tri-Leg folds up into just 14” W x 4” L if you want to take it on your next camping trip! The handy carry strap ensures that living in a smaller apartment or trailer doesn’t mean sacrificing great seating options.

Made of polyester and steel with 600D polyester fabric over the frame to not only provide strength and stability but also doubles up as your seat cover preventing any sharp surfaces from coming into contact with your delicate areas due to its powder-coated finish. Carrying strap included in case you prefer not to use the shoulder bag that comes equipped on this convenient three legged chair.

Grand Trunk Micro Camp Stool

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Hiking, camping and making memories with friends just got a lot more comfortable. The Micro Camp Stool from Grand Trunk is the perfect accessory for any adventure seeker looking to make their night life more enjoyable.

Made with an aluminum frame and 1680D Oxford cloth this 8”x10”x10″ stool will hold 250lbs of weight without complaint. It weighs only 10.5oz but breaks down seconds so it fits into any backpack or pocket like a champ when not in use.

Grand Trunk’s Micro Camp stool eliminates the pains of not having a camp chair. Made from lightweight aluminum, this small and light stool is made to be used anywhere – in your campsite, near a campfire, at tailgate parties, or even as an extra nightstand next to your hammock or tent. It assembles within seconds with no tools needed and its fabric won’t fray or tear when assembled- making it perfect for use around the campsite!

Crazy Creek HEX 2.0 PowerLounger

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Crazy Creek giving you the best seat in the house! Crack open that book. Take a nap. Tune into your favorite TV show. With our HEX 2.0 PowerLounger, it doesn’t get any more comfortable than this!

The lightest and most packable chair, now with softer 8mm high-density cored EVA closed-cell foam which provides maximum insulation and comfort without added bulk weighing in at only 29 pounds and has Side straps accommodate various sitting positions for an optimal fit anywhere you use it.

Plus with 210D coated ripstop nylon Outer shell of durable ripstop fabric to protect from wet ground.

 A rugged inner surface of water-resistant, breathable 70D coated ripstop nylon is more durable and sealed from sand and dirt thanks to airtight seals on the side openings that are perfect for storage like goggles or your mobile phone while you recline in comfort.

Carbon fiber stays will guarantee stability as you relax in this ergonomically comfortable chair; wings offer enhanced rotation when you shift position to find just the right angle between your body and feet. Ergonomic positioning makes it easier on joints – knees.

Exped Chair Kit

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The Exped Chair Kit gives extreme comfort whether lounging indoors or outdoors. You can switch from a chair to elevated sleeping mat without ever having to get up just by unrolling the supporting fabric and stretching it back over you when done.

A whopping 22.9 oz, this nano-sized product is designed to get you from sitting in a chair to comfortably laid out on your back, all without getting up and without waking anyone else around you! The kit includes two lightweight, but tough mats made exclusively for the kits. They are made of Exped’s patented PU coated tent floor fabric surrounded by DAC SL 9mm tent pole segments for stiffness– with three different pole openings so you can insert the correct stiffeners like trekking or mountain climbing poles depending on where they’re needed.

It provides both convenience and versatility for any situation. Whether tailgating, workday lunch break or summit day at a high-altitude mountain hike, this kit is perfect for all occasions!

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