5 Best Triple Monitor Stands in 2023

If you’re like me, you have a lot of screens open at once. I’ve been looking for the best triple monitor stands to put all of my monitors on so I can keep them clean and organized. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some of the best options available – from inexpensive DIY solutions to commercial grade products. We’ll also be providing links and videos to help walk you through each setup!

What to Look For in a Triple Monitor Stand?

A good triple monitor stand, like most things in life, is all about personal preference and what you want to do with it. Some people prefer their monitors as close together as possible for a more immersive experience while others find that an attractive option but don’t need the extra space on their desk (or they have a smaller desk).

Some of these options are expensive enough that they should be combined with other pieces of furniture if your budget allows – such as adding one or two shelves onto the backside along with some kind of cable management system. Otherwise you will end up spending even more money trying to get something else made! The important thing is just evaluating your needs and finding the best solution for them.

The most popular option is probably an L shape desk as they are simple enough that they don’t require any special tools or know how when it comes time to build your own custom solution. There are many different variations in size and materials used but find one that suits your needs!

5 Best Triple Monitor Stands

HUANUO Full Motion Gas Spring Triple Monitor Stand

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The Huanuo Triple Monitor stand is perfect for all of your work needs. Designed to fit three monitors that measure 17-32 inches in size, the mount provides a fully articulating design with two different mounts available.

The clamping system secures your monitors while still offering flexibility and mobility, ensuring hands free usage during long working hours! For convenience use, this product has been optimized to give you an easy viewing angle regardless of if the monitor is landscape or portrait.

Tired of looking at crooked pictures or sideways screens when doing presentations? With this monitor stand’s 2 mounting options – a C clamp and grommet mounting base- you’ll be able to set up your monitors securely in landscape or portrait mode.

Whether you’re looking for more space on your desk or just want a sturdier method than stacking one screen upon another’s duty tray tray do-hicky thingy…this mount is for you!

Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount

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Mount your triple monitors on an ergonomic, sturdy mount with the Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount. Designed as a VESA triple monitor stand, it comes in 100x100mm or 75x75mm sizes and effortlessly supports up to 15.4 pounds per monitor with strong steel and aluminum alloy construction.

Plus, this moveable mounting platform includes (1) USB 3.0 port, (1) audio port with corded cables that match each display while keeping any cords out of sight thanks to integrated cable management – all at an affordable price you’ll love!

Up to 3 displays can be linked for triple the visual real estate. Features cross-brace design, so you can rest assured that it’s sturdy enough to stand up to your needs. Stable as a rock and welcoming of all postures because the adjustable gas spring arms won’t leave anything hanging on those nasty cords dangling at you while you work hard for the day.

MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand Mount

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Three screens have never looked so good! Get the best view possible for all your content with this triple monitor stand.

The MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand Mount lets you elevate and reorganize your desk space to better suit your needs, from providing more room for other office equipment to making it easier to see what’s on each screen.

The three arms that hold up the monitors are made of heavy-duty metal and can support a maximum weight of 17.6 pounds per arm, fitting most brands’ 13″ to 27″ LCD flat or curved screens comfortably. You even get two articulating arms with gas springs, which make extension, retraction and height adjustment dynamically easy, allowing you to position these displays just where you need them without straining your hands.

The MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand Mount has a sleek, polished aluminum finish with black accents that look great on any desk.

WALI GSDM003 Premium Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount

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WALI GSDM003 is a triple LCD monitor desk mount which is compatible with all of your CRT/LED flat screen TVs and monitors 27 inches wide. The gas spring mount can tilt up to +45°/- 45°, and swivel up to +90°/- 90°. It is additionally compatible with 3.3” c-clamp (150mm) or 3.1” grommet base (175mm), while supported weight ranges from 15 lbs to over 28 lbs!

The 15.4-pound capacity can hold a 27-inch screen, allowing you to be more efficient while working or relaxing on your computer through three screens for watching TV and movies, conducting research, or using other multi-purpose apps from your tablets. And because of its dual height adjustments, it can be set at 17 inches high with two monitors mounted on it so that you don’t have to bend down too far while adding more comfort by swiveling 90 degrees left and right for better viewing angles when sitting in either direction and 360 degree rotations to fit any way you want it! This well designed mount has a sturdy construction made out of durable materials such as

This product even comes with a VESA plate so that you will have the best compatibility possible in the market today especially when we are entering a time where everything has gone digital!

VIVO Black Triple Monitor Adjustable Desk Mount

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Mad it up. No, seriously: make some noise about this VIVO adjustable desk mount with a triple-monitor setup; what could possibly be cooler than having three times the screen real estate to work from? Adjustable to hold three monitors, the VIVO desk mount offers cable management and a sturdy clamp. Use with screens 13″-24″ with simple backside mounting points 75x75mm or 100x100mm.

We just have one word for its black powder coat finish on the metal pole: awesome. To top it off, integrated cable management is included to keep AV and power cords clean and organized via clips along the arms and center pole.

This product is compatible with most computer screens 13″ to 24″, up to 15.4 lbs each, and with 75x75mm and 100x100mm backside mounting holes—newsflash for all of you who are looking for the perfect triple monitor stand: this is it.

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  1. A thorough overview of the top triple monitor stands for keeping all of my displays clean and organised. In this blog post, you are reviewing some of the top possibilities on the market, ranging from low-cost do-it-yourself projects to high-quality commercial goods. You may learn more about each arrangement by using the links and videos! Before investing in a new ergonomic monitor stand or office chair, however, consider the characteristics that truly define a piece as “ergonomic.” 

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