5 Best Train Horn Kits For Truck in 2023

There are many different types of horns for trucks, and this guide will help you find the best truck horn. Train Horns have long been a favorite among truck drivers because they can be heard over long distances. You may not know what to look for when it comes to buying one though, so we’ve compiled a list of five great train horn kits for trucks that we recommend.

Trucks drive through different places. Sometimes they go in places that are crowded, and they go fast. When the truck slows down (when it is not as busy), this might be inefficient, and having a loud horn can help. When the truck slows down, there might be a delay in delivery of things that people want to get quickly.

When you put a horn on your truck, it will help you to save time. You will not need to break the law and go too fast. Horns are good for trucks because they are loud enough to tell people on the road that you want them to get out of the way so that you can pass safely.

5 Best Train Horn Kits For Truck

MPC B1 (0419) 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit

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Perfect for those looking to add a little character and joy wherever their vehicle may roam. Adding this horn system will catch the attention of all those wondering who that imposing vehicle driving by might be! MPC B1 (0419) 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn kit is a keeper.

Don’t be alarmed if you hear someone screaming “That’s freaking awesome” while passing you on the side walk because we guarantee it’ll happen.

This MPC B1 (0419) 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit is so bombastically loud, you can’t help but love it. From the chrome quad compact air horn that blasts out a high decibel sound to this all-in-one air system with 110 psi compressor and 3 liter air tank, it has got your noise needs sorted.

The company behind the product even throws in wiring for it! Don’t fear if you are unsure how to use the kit: from here on end, their squad of individuals will be eagerly waiting at your side to guide every action – and with their backing up your purchase, you’re guaranteed protection from drowning in expensive repair fees!

Vixen Horns Train Horn Kit

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With this incredibly loud train horn kit, you’ll be seen and heard miles away. The Quad Trumpet Train Air Horn can’t be mistaken for anything else—and with the 150 PSI 12V compressor included in this kit, it’s like having your own personal air pump on your car.

It discharges a full 15mm piezo trumpet blast before cycling back down to silent pressure release mode so that while pedestrians might jump at first sound of the horn, they won’t soon forget their lesson learned as long as you keep driving by every day.

And with thermal overload protection built-in, this system is sophisticated enough for even the wiliest supercar drivers out there looking for an edge.

GG Grand General 69991 Chrome Heavy Duty Train Horn

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The GG Grand General 69991 chrome heavy duty Train Horn is a lot more than just your ordinary, basic horn. This Trumpet and big brass bell of a train horn comes complete with 140+ decibel sound that can be heard from 3 miles away.

With it’s easy installation on any car or truck, this beauty will let you show off with the sheer volume from 70 PSI to 140 PSI up to 12V / 24V Multi-Voltegge electric solenoid valve and stainless steel brackets for additional strength and durability.

This true train horn comes in at 120 pounds full weight but the vehicle doesn’t have to be running when activating (a partial push down). This product is recommended for anyone who thinks their vehicle needs an upgrade. You’ll be red carp!

Wolo (847) Siberian Express Air Horn

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The Wolo 847 will give any 12-volt truck the powerful sound of a train air horn. It has been engineered with the latest technology to produce an incredible sound that is sure to make everyone take notice when you speed pass them on the highway.

The heavy duty ABS construction makes for easy installation and less vibration while driving on rough roads so you can enjoy your time behind the wheel rather than dealing with vehicle issues.

An electric valve is included, so all you need to do is plug in 3 trumpets that are painted black and have an attractive semi-gloss finish. This product looks great because it’s finished with a semi gloss black finish, making it look more like jewelry than a necessity in order to be safe on the road.

GAMPRO 12V 150db Air Horn

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If you’re looking for a sound to get your attention and make sure no one misses your message, it’s found in the GAMPRO 12V 150db Air horn. This horn is so loud that if cars don’t swerve or pull over when you throw on the siren, they’ll hear this hard-hitting air horn.

With its chrome plated zinc Trumpets (Non-rusting), mounting hardware included, and easy install abilities, it can be used in any vehicle with a 12v battery. Great at alerting busses against reckless driving or being an offensive line for pro football teams, this isn’t just an ordinary blowing machine.

The bright chrome finish resists rusting, so you know you’ll always have a functional air horn no matter what climate or season without worrying about corrosion ruining it for good. Plus, there’s even mounting hardware included to make installation fast and easy from start-to-finish! Be safe on the road by adding this high-quality product to your car today.

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