5 Best Trail Cameras for Shooting at Night in 2023

Night time is a magical time for wildlife photographers. You can capture images of animals that you would never see during the day, but it’s not always easy to do so well. That’s why it is important to get the best trail camera for shooting at night! In this blog post, I will show you five different types of cameras that are great for nighttime shots and tell you more about each one.

What to Look for in a Trail Camera for Shooting at Night

The first thing you want to think about when selecting a trail camera for night shots is the sensor size. Most cameras with good nighttime performance use what’s called an “interline transfer CCD” sensor, which has more light-sensitive elements than its CMOS counterparts. The result is that your pictures will be clearer and brighter in low light, making it easier to see animals at dusk or before dawn.

Another important factor is infrared sensitivity—some sensors are better suited for seeing heat signatures of nocturnal creatures while others may not pick up such signals well enough. How far away can you expect these cameras to shoot? What type of environment do they work best in? It really depends on the model and brand but most have a maximum range

The next thing you want to think about is the lens. You’ll probably want a wide-angle lens for getting an overview of your surroundings, and this will be especially useful when taking pictures at night because it can capture more light than other lenses. If you’re not sure what kind of lens would work best in low light, look for a camera with “pulse” IR (infrared) LED lights built into the housing that emit invisible infrared photons to illuminate objects as far away as 50 feet from the camera’s location. These are ideal if you don’t happen to have any external lighting available or they won’t match up well with where you plan on positioning your trail cam during setup.

If most animals come around very early morning or late at night, you need to focus more on infrared LEDs.

5 Best Trail Cameras for Shooting at Night

Campark Trail Camera

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The Campark Trail Camera is a versatile high-tech hunting camera. It senses movements and photographs every move up to 20 megapixel images or 1080p HD digital videos.

With three passive infrared sensors, the security camera has fast trigger speed. 42 upgraded 850nm infrared LEDs helps you catch any moment at dark nights without using flash light, like cats on the prowl, coyotes as they are about to pounce into their prey, and even more unwanted creatures that try sneaking onto your property under cover of nightfall. Full night vision will allow you full views of almost any animal in distress hours after sun down.

The Campark Trail Camera can also be timed to take pictures or video by the second with time lapse feature function.

Victure Trail Game Camera

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Victure Trail Game Camera is the perfect combination of performance and stealth, making your hunt easier than ever before. With 1080P full HD resolution and automatic day/night sensor to provide crisp, vivid images and videos with real-time detailed information on game animal behavior characteristics, there’s no other hunting accessory like it.

Victure trail camera also takes advanced low-glow infrared LED technology, so that you can take quality black and white nighttime vision without alerting prey. 2.4″ LCD screen helps navigate image mode options, photo quality, video length features for the most customized settings possible when scouting out the conditions for a successful hunt. Whether you’re an experienced hunter or looking to get started in the game this season, Victure will help you find what you’re after.

SPYPOINT Link-S-V Solar Cellular Trail Camera

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SPYPOINT’s trail camera offers the best features available on the market, including stealth LEDs, a fast trigger speed that is up to 100′ faster than most cameras, and an HD video system with sound.

The SPYPOINT LINK app connects your camera to your smartphone so you can monitor exactly what you want while being patient through 130-second photos. With 12MP quality and 42 LEDs for nighttime visibility, this product will help you make surveillance easier from every price point.

Some of our favorite features include: 6 multi-shots that take 12 pictures in 3 seconds; Infrared Boost which captures shorter wavelengths of light to provide night vision up to 30 feet away from the camera; Blur Reduction technology that eliminates motion blur during daytime or nighttime shots; and a powerful battery life of up to two years.

Bushnell 30MP CORE Trail Camera

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The Bushnell CORE Trail Camera is a high performing, non-intrusive way to photographically document your adventures. All you need is 6 AA batteries and an SD card with up to 32GB of space.

This lightweight but durable camera does not come with any additional features or gadgets that may be used in the field (for the price it pays for simplicity). When packaging this item we recommend double bagging it so that no dirt or sand from the environment can get onto its delicate parts during shipment.

The trigger speed on this device is 0.2 seconds which means there will never be a blurry photo again – even when photographing fast moving objects! The recovery rate leaves zero time between shots and combined with 30MP images ensures incredible stills. The Bushnell cams take 30MP images in HD 1080P for stunning clarity, while 100′ Low glow infrared night mode ensures capturing your subject without spooking it away.


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The Stealth Cam DS4K Max Trail Camera is the next level for the game camera. The product sports dual image sensors with one sensor providing stunning daytime images, and 42 no-glow IR LEDs that illuminate night images without disturbing wildlife. Users can choose between a 24MP or 32MP trail camera depending on their needs and preferences. 

The DS4K MAX also has an adjustable time delay mode to help keep animals engaged longer, so you get more bang for your buck too! Choose between two different burst rates: up to 5 shots per second or 10 shots per second (even if this means getting less pictures). With a stealthy design, it’s never been easier to capture those once-in-a-lifetime photos of wild

So if you’re looking to catch some big, beasties in action, this sexy stealth cam can give you a picture perfect of what’s going on. This advanced hunting gadget will send 25 fps when at max resolution and sync up with photo notes and up to 4 pictures per trigger. 

Conclusion: These cameras are perfect for nighttime photography. They allow you to capture images of animals that would never be seen during the day, and do so with great quality too! The five different types include trail cams, security cameras, infrared night vision-enabled devices, wildlife camera traps and flashlights. No matter what type of camera you choose or what your budget is like, there’s a device out there for everyone. I hope this blog post has helped answer some questions about which kind of camera to invest in if you’re interested in capturing photos at night time!

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