5 Best Tank Model Kits for Beginners in 2023

Looking for a fun new hobby that can be enjoyed by the whole family? Consider building model tanks! Model tanks are great for beginners because they are easy to assemble, and there is no need to worry about paint or glue. In this blog post, we will share 5 of the best model tank kits on the market- perfect for anyone just getting started with this fun activity!

Why build tank model kits?

Building model tanks is a fun and easy hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Model kits are not difficult to assemble, so even children as young as five or six years old can enjoy this activity with the help from an adult. People who have never tried building models before will find it helpful when they realize how much time goes into each step- there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your finished product!

Best Tank Model Kits for Beginners

Tamiya M24 Chaffee

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The Tamiya 24 Chaffee Tank Kit is historically accurate and comes with amazing features that are perfect for veteran hobby builders. This tank is great because it has responsive controls that make it easy for beginners to learn how to drive quickly without getting frustrated by difficult maneuvers. It also has a high power motor which makes the tank go fast enough so that you can have fun with friends.

The tank is a Light Tank, popularly nicknamed “General Lee” in reference to its use at the Battle of the Bulge. The kit includes new and retooled parts, metal gun barrel, detailed upper and lower hull with engraved surface detail and raised rivet heads, separate turret with WWII antenna base parts and weld lines (optional), optional turret hatch (open/closed), 12.7mm heavy machine gun commander torso figure (WWII type tracks). With all this quality gear included in one fun package – it’s hard not to be tempted into building your own army!

Tamiya US Tank Destroyer M10

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The Tamiya US Tank Destroyer M10 kit, this can be the perfect option for collectors and enthusiasts of Military vehicles. It’s just like being able to take your very own toy! The tank is durable and detailed enough to make an impressive display on any shelf, while also providing a fun activity that might help develop problem solving skills in children.

The M10 Tank Destroyer was the first US combat tank meant to destroy enemy tanks with its 3-inch gun and sloped armor. This finely crafted plastic kit captures every detail of the Sherman-based design, from pontoon fenders to curved turret armor plates.

And unlike most other AFV kits on the market that require glue and paint, this one is molded in color so it’s perfect for modelers who want something more hands on. You really don’t want to miss out on owning one of these historically important models before they’re all gone!

Airfix British M3 Stuart Honey

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An excellent choice for beginners to serious collectors alike, Airfix offers a brand new kit at an age-old price. Whether you’re looking for something to get started with or want the latest model in your collection, this is it!

This scale plastic model kit provides plenty of realistic detail from the exterior body down to some interior details. This tank includes both band tracks and individual links so make sure you have a low profile sitting area as you construct your honeybee gem.

The primary scheme can be found on an M3 Stuart Honey Connecticut IV during 1942 while the alternate colorway represents its fresh design which debuted late 1941. With its detailed interior, scaled hull, 2 paint schemes, and band tracks as well as those less experienced, the Airfix British M3 Stuart Honey is a wonderful gift for anyone who loves tanks!

Fascinations Metal Earth Sherman Tank 3D Metal Model Kit

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In 1942, the Army designed the M4 Sherman to help win World War II. The cost of mass production and improvements in armor design made them a formidable opponent for any situation on or off the battlefield.

Now you can create your own 3D version of this history-making tank from scratch with no glue or solder required! Simply pop out all the pieces on two steel sheets, combine them using tabs and holes, and follow our illustrated instructions for assembling this stunningly realistic tank model that weighs approximately 10 pounds when assembled. While completing this project you will be mastering important STEM skills like spatial sense and sequential thinking!

In place of a rank amateur soldier, you can now be the ultimate commander of one of America’s most legendary tanks! This Fascinations Metal Earth Sherman Tank 3D metal model kit includes two steel sheets that use tabs and holes to connect pieces together. Easy-to-follow illustrated instructions come included and no glue or solder is needed.

TAMIYA Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams

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The 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit of TAMIYA’s Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams is the holy grail for tank enthusiasts in search of a sleek, but functional display. In addition to impeccable military details that are sure to impress any colonel or general, this piece can be customized with two different marking options to represent key coordinates from the Iraq War. 

With over 30 cm of height, this mini tank has everything any soldier would want. It has realistic looking tracks that are removable for easy access to the interior. The M1A2 Abrams tank comes fully equipped with an airsoft gun and two styles of markings (US Army 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment from 2003).

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