5 Best Spy Camera Pens in 2023

A spy camera pen is a hidden digital recorder that can be used to film whatever you are looking at. It’s the perfect way to capture video without anyone knowing because it looks just like a regular pen! This device works together with an app on your phone so that when you take pictures or videos, they will automatically upload and save directly to the cloud for quick retrieval later on. The best part? There’s no need for any external storage devices or cables since everything gets saved digitally onto your mobile device.

What to Look For in a Spy Camera Pen?

Looks like a regular pen

To make it more hidden, you can purchase a pen that looks like an office supply or even write with it. The look will make everyone think of it as a normal pen instead of a spy camera pen.

Water Resistant

Although most pens are water resistant, some have been known to malfunction in extreme conditions such as being dropped into the sink or submerged underwater for extended periods of time. If you want something more reliable and protected against all elements then look for pens labeled “waterproof.”

Delivers Crisp Video Quality 

When looking at the video quality on your computer monitor before purchasing, make sure it’s not grainy and pixelated – that is usually a sign of low resolution video which means less than satisfactory results. A good camera should be able to deliver high definition videos so they’re clear enough when played back on any screen.

The more pixels, the better quality your video will be – so if you’re not looking to go with a low budget option that may only record at 720×480 (standard definition), then make sure it records in full high definition which doesn’t look pixelated when viewing on larger screens or projecting onto something like a TV screen for sharing online.

Records Audio Well 

Some pens only record audio, but many also have a built in microphone for recording video and sound. If you want to be able to hear what’s going on without having the camera shoved right up against it, make sure that the pen is close enough or there are directional microphones which can help pick up sound from different angles. This way your videos will come out with better quality even if they’re not of high definition.

Secure Cap On The Tip Of Pen For Extra Protection 

If you happen to drop your pen (which we all do) then chances are good that it will land lens down and get cracked or scratched – so protect yourself by buying one where the cap fits securely over the tip of the pen.

5 Best Spy Camera Pens

SIRGAWAIN Hidden Spy Camera Pen

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Don’t let your audience miss what they’re not supposed to. The SIRGAWAIN Hidden Spy Camera Pen is a covert device that combines the functionality of a pen, with HD 1080P video recording capabilities.

Whether you need to catch documents unnoticed or use it for law enforcement persuasion, this pen shot camera will have your life covered in style and sophistication.

With an integrated USB reader and 12GB of memory storage; be assured that adding onto your file capacity is no issue at all. In addition – its compact size (fits into shirt pocket) ensures ultimate discretion on the go!

Rechargeable lithium ion battery stays power-full up to 6 hours each day while capturing crystal clear footage in real time from up to 100 feet away!

This spy pen hidden camera is sleek and discreet, an easy way to capture the action live! With a single click of this button, you can use it as a video recorder or take a picture. Another cool thing about this pen camera, dig through your desk later for more evidence with its unique digital recorder.

The SIRGAWAIN Hidden Spy Camera Pen is compatible with most systems thanks to plug-and-play compatibility and will hold power for hours because of the rechargeable battery. It also comes in blue ink so only you know what’s going on underneath that lid!

LTMADE 1296P Spy Camera 32G Hidden Camera Pen

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This small camera pen can be used for a quick and easy way to catch any suspicious activity in the office, at home, or on the go. It is both discreet and powerful with its 1080 P video resolution and one-button operation that make it so simple to take photos or videos of anything you would like. You’ll never miss capturing all those moments when life takes an unexpected turn!

Shoot in full 2K resolution and record video at 1080p HD with ease thanks to this tiny device’s practical design, which includes a hidden clip that can be removed when not being used as well as a solid feel so others won’t notice it upon shake or on accidental contact.

Rolling 1080pHD live streaming is also available for no lag recording of exceptional quality without any distortion, while the motion detection function ensures only shots taken are worth seeing: catch once-in-a-lifetime moments because our miniature HD spy cam can go anywhere!

Offering 32gb in storage, this spy camera pen offers some of the most advanced features on the market with hidden footage and a slim design. You can take photos, videos or both easily with just one button operation.

FUVISION Spy Pen Camera

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The FUVISION Spy Pen Camera is perfect for covert operation. You don’t need to do any hassling settings or configurations; it’s ready to go out of the box. The FUVISION Spy Pen Camera’s a small device that’s simple to use, works just about anywhere you want, and packs in tons of features. Built-in battery provides the longest recording time among all video pen cameras from 5 minutes at one time up to 2 hours per single charge. 

It records 1080P color HD video at 30FPS, in full high definition with still shot function. Built-in 400mAh battery provides the longest recording time among all video pen cameras, so you can get up to 2 hours of continuous recording from a single charge!


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The PORTOCAM POT21 is a high-definition, covert, real pen that can be used as your own personal shorthand recorder for conferences or lectures. Just make sure you don’t throw it at whoever’s talking because it doubles as a ballpoint.

The pot21 Portable video Recorder is a convenient and portable device with Nighttime visibility which exceeds most spy pens on the market. It captures HD 1080P videos in low light and enables you not to miss an important meeting or event even when evening has set in. It utilizes 400mAh battery giving you 4 hours of continuous recording time so there will no need to worry about running out of power since its energy source is built-in and rechargeable!

All these features are packed in a super thin and light design. The Pot21 is full of features that make it perfect for covert surveillance. For instance, it has great replay functions: zoom in or out to any size without distortion up.


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The BSTCAM Pen Camcorder is a pen-like device that can record video and take high resolution photos. It records at 1080p HD with a frame rate of 30Fps, so you’ll never miss another moment ever again.

The BSTCAM comes with 16GB SD Card included so you won’t have to worry about storage if needed. Designed for maximum convenience, the Pinhole Lens makes it easier than ever to hide your activities as there will be less borders around the images and it’s button control allows for easy video recording or photo taking. All you need is your hands!

Built-in 300mAh battery provides up to 75 minutes worth of recording time per charge, providing extended portability without the need for an outlet anywhere.

The pinhole lens is more convenient to hide and the button control of this mini recorder allows video recording and taking photos. It provides you the longest recording time among all hidden video pens while also being portable! Your discreet way of surveillance has never been easier or simpler than now!

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