5 Best Smoke Detectors for Home Use in 2023

A smoke detector is an essential safety device in your home. Not only do they alert you to a fire, but if one does occur, they can give you precious time to evacuate before the flames take over and potentially cause serious injury or even death. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your home has at least one working smoke detector installed on every level of the building—including outside and inside any attached garage or porch.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Smoke Detectors for Home

The type of detector

Ionization detectors are best for fast flaming fires, while photoelectric detectors are better at detecting smoldering slow burning fires. Every year there are many fires in homes where no alarms were sounded because there was no working smoke alarm present. The best type of detectors for home use are ionization-type units because they detect fast flaming fires better than photoelectric-type alarms which detect slow smoldering fires.

Long term battery solution

Hardwired or plug in with backup batteries instead of disposable ones. Batteries need to be replaced every five years for long-term battery solutions and four to six months for standard disposable ones

Location and age

Where the units will be installed should play a factor into what kind you buy as well as how old they are. Units over about ten years of age have limited ability to detect certain types of smoke particles that newer models can pick up on better.

Ceiling height

If your home has very high ceilings or lots of windows consider buying dual sensor alarms which come standard with both ionization sensors and photoelectric sensors*

5 Best Smoke Detectors for Home Use

Google Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

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The Google Nest Protect is an ingenious, imaginative smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm. It has a split-spectrum sensor that looks for smoldering fires as well as fast burning ones and tells you “Hey! There’s something wrong!” This innovative combination of technologies means that even if you don’t have great hearing or are often away from home, the Nest Protect will let you know when there’s trouble brewing with a friendly voice.

All this protection doesn’t come cheap though. Fortunately for your peace of mind in knowing an early warning system is doing its job protecting your family from fire, CO poisoning, and carbon monoxide leaks, the Nest Protect isn’t something you’ll regret buying.

First Alert SCO5CN Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

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The First Alert SCO5CN is a battery powered alarm that provides continuous monitoring for CO levels in your home, making it the perfect protector against carbon monoxide leaks and smoldering fires.

The unit features an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensing technology along with a photoelectric sensor that will detect larger particles from smoldering fires. For peace of mind, the indicator lights on the face of this device will display when either smoke or CO has been detected.

Because these alarms need power to work, they’re ideal for households without a working fire system already installed by experts. They also install quickly and are very easy to use, so even those who don’t have electrician experience can install these units in their home safety systems.

Kidde Nighthawk Plug-In AC/DC Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector

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The Kidde Nighthawk plug-in is the perfect addition to your home security. This CO detector plugs easily into a 120V outlet and has features such as Peak Level Button, Test Button Functions, LED Operation, and Power Source. Compact design fits in tight spaces – It can install over standard single pole outlets without blocking adjacent duplex outlets or wall switches.

It’s unlike other products because it is not battery operated therefore having our 9 Volt Battery Backup System enabling quick back-up during power outage providing peace of mind for the home owner in case of emergency.

This is not battery operated, but comes with one 9 volt backup battery for short term back up during power outages. It’s temperature range is from no less than 40˚F (4.4˚C) to 100˚F (37.8˚C) while its humidity range goes as high as 5%-95% RH, so it’s built tough!

First Alert CO615 Dual-Power Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Detector

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With the highest level of accuracy for protection and dual power, the CO615 plug-in carbon monoxide detector is a must have. It features a peak level feature that tells you the highest concentration of Carbon Monoxide detected, so you know when it’s time to evacuate your home or office. And if there are more than one in any given space, just use our included 6 foot extension cord too avoid audio interference from other rooms with multiple detectors!

The screen lights up with red lettering when dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide have been detected by the electrochemical sensor. To ease a worried mind in these dark times, the backlit display also gives peak reading-the highest concentration of Carbon Monoxide measured since it was last reset.

X-Sense Smoke Detector

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It doesn’t get rid of smoke, but it does prevent a fire from spreading to other parts of your home. The X-Sense Smoke Detector is designed with an advanced photonic sensor and ST chipset for the earliest warning possible against dangerous levels of smoke that occur in smoldering fires without waking up anyone who may be sleeping nearby; the dust-proof isolating plate inside ensures this alarm’s detection sensitivity.

Made from an upgraded ABS plastic housing which prevents heat buildup and corrosion like some cheaper models, this guard also takes advantage of wireless installation or easy screw setup to ensure its stable design lasts. There’s no need for any wiring – simply install right into your existing AC outlet!

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