5 Best Running Headlamps in 2023

It’s dark out and you’re running. You need to see where you’re going, but your hands are busy with the motion of running. The best solution for this problem is a headlamp! Headlamps have been around since the 1970s and they’ve come a long way since then. They continue to get better each year as technology advances, so it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

This article is for all the runners out there! If you’re into that sort of thing, then this post is for you. We’ve compiled a list of the five best running headlamps and we’ll discuss why they are so great in detail below. There’s no need to go on a dark run without one of these bad boys, so check them out now!

5 Best Running Headlamps

VEKKIA Ultra Bright LED Headlamp

VEKKIA Ultra Bright LED Headlamp - 5 Lighting Modes
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Looking to explore the great outdoors? Well, you need a headlamp. But not just any headlamp! You need one that is durable and has a long lasting battery life. Look no further than VEKKIA, an ultra bright LED headlamp that will last for days after being charged. This versatile gadget features stretchy and adjustable straps for all adults and kids; making it the perfect gift this holiday season!

Don’t waste time deciding on what to wear in the morning when you can let your headlight be your guide first thing with pivotable neck so you can adjust at any angle up to 45 degrees (or 90). Take control of how much or little light you want from this sleek-looking accessory when it comes package withd a USB cable and car charger.

This VEKKIA headlamp is the perfect running companion for those late-night runs, early morning jogs, or anything in between.

Cobiz Brightest High 6000 Lumen LED Work Headlight

Cobiz Brightest High 6000 Lumen LED Work Headlight
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When we’re out running at night, it can get pretty dark. It not only makes our experience less fun if we don’t have enough light, but it may put us in harms way too! The Cobiz Brightest High 6000 Lumen LED work light is like using a headlamp on steroids and you’ll feel like Batman when you take charge of any situation with up to 46 hours of power on a full battery. Never be unprepared for anything again!

There’s really not much more to say than the product does a fantastic job being light in weight, breathable, and durable. Not only is it perfect for any given outdoor situation you need it for, but there’s also an emergency strobe light. Great day or night; this high powered headlight is your new best friend when it comes to visibility and safety.

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp
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You’ll want to keep your hands free on the ultimate day hike. That’s why Black Diamond designed their Spot Headlamp with PowerTap Technology, so you can instantly transition between full and dimmed power without reverting back to full power.

Plus, even from a distance you will be able get whatever work needs doing done thanks to 300 lumens of brightness that are emitted by one Quad LED and one Double White LED. The Spot also includes Brightness Memory which allows flexibility as well as protection against water immersion down to >1m (3.33 ft) for 30 minutes making it perfect for any outdoor activity in all environments. 

Vont LED Headlamp

Vont LED Headlamp
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The Vont LED Headlamp has an ultra-bright, long lasting light with a waterproof exterior. The headlamp is built to be durable for any environment and handle tough handling; your headlamp will survive being in water or dropped 10ft! Comfy & lightweight material make this the perfect accessory to use anywhere.

Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight

Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight - Super Bright
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The Foxelli Head Light is made of durable and water resistant material. This lets you know that the headlight can withstand everything from harsh weather to simple day-to-day wear and tears. Not only does this head light stay comfortable, but it is also lightweight for optimum comfort with an easily adjustable design for all different shapes.

It has various functions such as wide variety of white & red light modes + 45° tiltable body makes this headlight brightest and most versatile in its class; SOS and strobe mode will keep you safe in any situation; SUPER BRIGHT LED TECHNOLOGY (165 feet beam) – so even your money is put towards a quality product –built to last against anything Mother Nature throws at us!

Running Headlamp Buyers Guide

The first thing to consider when you’re buying a headlamp is the type of runner that you are. Different runners have different needs and preferences, so it’s important to know what kind of runner you are before deciding on your final choice.

Do you race? If so, then we recommend getting an ultra bright headlamp with a super wide beam. This will help you see at night and use your headlamp for racing purposes – also known as night running or race walking.

Do you do long-distance runs? If so, then we recommend getting an energy efficient headlamp with high visibility LEDs that have a low battery consumption rate. These are great because they don’t die out quickly during the course of longer runs, which is usually when most people need their lights the most!

If you’re into hiking or camping on dry land, then get yourself one of those high tech waterproof LED headlamps that can be submerged in water up to three meters deep without breaking down completely like other models might if exposed to moisture over time (don’t worry, we’ll get into this in the next section).

Or if you’re just looking for a standard running headlamp that will work during day and night hours alike then go with one of our top choices. These are affordable models which provide adequate lighting at all times of the day (or night) – perfect for when your hands need to be free while still being able to see where they’re going!

The second thing to consider is what type of batteries are compatible with your headlamps. It’s important to use the right battery so it doesn’t break down quickly or die out too soon on humid days. There’s nothing worse than finishing up a long-distance run only to find out your light died halfway through because you didn’t use the right type of power.

The third thing to consider is how much you want your headlamp to weigh. Running for long distances can be exhausting, so it’s important that your equipment doesn’t add too much weight or drag on you during these longer runs. Headlamps come in different weights and sizes – some are heavier than others from having more features built into them like a red light option, night vision mode or water resistance qualities – so make sure what kind of runner you are before deciding which one you’ll get!

The fourth thing to consider is if you need a running headlamp with special modes such as high visibility flashing options (which increases peripheral vision) or SOS signals in case there ever was an emergency. These special modes are great for runners who race, or even just those that like to run long distances and need more visibility in order to see where they’re going!

The fifth thing is whether you want a waterproof headlamp (which can be submerged up to three meters deep) or not. If you love water sports then this might be the headlamp for you! These are perfect because they don’t break down when exposed to moisture, and can even be submerged underwater without any damage.

The sixth thing is whether you want a red light mode or not. This special function allows runners to see at night without ruining their natural night vision so it’s great if your favorite time to run is in the dark.

The seventh thing to consider is how bright you want your headlamp. The brighter a headlamp, the more visible it will be from far away – but this means that it’ll definitely drain batteries quicker as well!

Lastly, once you have decided on what type of runner you are and what you want your headlamp to do, then make sure you read through some of the reviews people have left about these products on sites like Amazon. You can find out how much they liked it and if there are any pros or cons that might convince you one way or another.

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