6 Best Robot Toys for Kids in 2023

Robots are great! They make our lives easier and they provide some of the best entertainment around. But, robots can be pricey. If you’re looking for a toy that will keep your kids entertained without breaking the bank, then this blog post is for you! In today’s article we will talk about 6 awesome robot toys that won’t break the budget.

Why is robot toys a good gift for kids?

Robot toys are a great gift for children because they can provide many benefits. Robots teach kids about technology and how it works so that they will one day be able to use it in their own way. When you’re buying a toy robot, all the buttons on its control panel should have an easy-to-read label or picture telling your kid what each button does so he/she doesn’t get frustrated while trying to figure out which button is best suited for his/her interests. They also help encourage creativity as well as improve hand eye coordination skills!

Robots allow your child’s imagination to run wild by giving them something tangible with which to create their adventures without being limited by human limitations of time and space since these mechanical beings can do things humans may never be able to. Robots are a great toy for kids of all ages and provide many benefits that will last long after the robot is put away!

What to look for in a robot toys for kids?

Robots are excellent for teaching kids about technology. They can be great teachers, assistants and companions that they will love to have in their lives! The best toy robots are the ones with a personality.

These simple machines make your child feel important because it is programmed to recognize them as an individual. This leads to empowerment of children and gives them something to identify with while learning how these types of toys work.

If you’re looking for robot toys for younger children then we recommend getting one that has no more than five buttons on its control panel so the play isn’t too complicated or overwhelming yet still fun at the same time. And if you’re buying a gift? Give preference towards those who use Lego pieces instead of screws, nuts, bolts etc.

6 best robot toys for kids

Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot for Kids

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Wonder Workshop’s Dash is a coding robot for kids ages 6 to 10. Their Wonder League and Robotics competitions will provide a constructive environment with the chance to share ideas and build confidence. Dash comes fully charged right out of the box, ready to explore loops, events, conditions, and sequences with your child in this interactive learning platform.

It’s more than just teaching your kid how to code; it’s about helping them grow into confident creative architects who can tackle any technology skill head-on – that’s what we call Future Ready!

The robotic can provide voice commands and has five free apps to explore loops, events, conditions, and sequences. It encourages not only learning coding but also being open-ended in creative exploration.

The Dash robot offers an open-ended learning platform that makes it simple for kids to grow into confident creative architects with tech knowledge they know they can trust thanks to the Atlas app which makes integration between maths and code easy!

Original BB-8

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The BB-8 is a cutting edge Holographic Smartphone. Weighing just 0.88 lbs, the BB-8 is approximately 4 inches in height and has a water resistant polycarbonate shell making it an excellent Droid for your everyday needs on dry land or underwater up to three feet for 30 minutes.

The gyroscopic force propulsion allows you to go kilometers with one charge, which takes around 1 hour using induction charging stand. Bluetooth connectivity provides up to 300 meters of range from other wireless devices, while there are also free iOS & Android compatible apps that allow use of Force Band gestures as well as adaptive personality profiles depending on your moods or interests.

It also features an induction charging stand providing 60 minutes of battery life when connected via USB cables to your computer or a power outlet, and free downloadable iOS & Android compatible apps that allow you to have an Adaptive Personality as well as view holographic recordings.

R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid

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The authentic movements and sounds of this app-enabled droid make every experience a must-have. Download the Sphero Edu app to learn coding, create R2-D2 projects, explore iconic ship interiors with holographic simulations, or just watch Star Wars films with R2-D2 reacting by your side.

R2-D2 is outfitted with integrated speaker & LEDs that allow for lively sounds as well as bright front and rear lights. He can be controlled from up to 30 meters (100 feet) away via Bluetooth, bipod stance allows him to react dynamically as you move him around on smooth surfaces while tripod stance lets him stand still in place so he can greet visitors at your door.

He’s compatible with iOS or Android devices, has authentic movement from bipod to tripod stances, integrated speaker & LEDs sounds right from R2-D2 himself (and front and rear lights working).


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The Miposaur is a cutting-edge robotics toy that will be the envy of all your friends. This interactive, real-time app controlled action pet can recognize hand gestures and evolve as you give it new commands. The Beacon Sense trackball allows the Miposaur to create an unlimited number of tracks in any settings and keep sight on the player at all times. Consider adding this innovative gadget to your collection today!

Utilizing a sense of hand gestures and real-time tracking algorithms, the Miposaurs make for an interactive play experience. With its own integrated sensor system, one can hold individual Miposaur devices in their hands to activate modes such as dance, feed or chase mode. It also features professional quality sound effects and your own custom soundtrack able to be uploaded via USB from your computer.

Sikaye RC Robot

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This interactive, intelligent RC robot is perfect for kids who love to play and explore. This gift robot not only responds to your commands with his infrared remote control, but also reacts to gestures by following the movement that you make. The best part about this fun roaming hobbyist’s toy is that he can make 50 different actions on his own!

It might seem like this stationary robotic human won’t provide many hours of entertainment for a creative little one, but it turns out there are so many things that this little gadget can do all at once! Letting the child take charge as they watch him move around their room or office with just the flick of their wrist will work wonders in providing them some service when they need it most.

Design & Drill Robot

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Design & Drill Robot is the perfect introduction to STEM learning through basic engineering and construction play. Lets kids power up their imaginations, building coordination skills as they snap together a rockin’ robot with kid-friendly tools such as bolts and screwdrivers in 15 multicolored options, then swap out its movable arms for a drill head that attaches easily to the top of its swiveling body.

Comes with decorative stickers so kids can give it their own personal touch too! The kids can explore 21 different ways to design and construct the perfect robot of their own – all there in one box! Once finished, they get to power it up and watch its eyes light-up as it swivels around; having a blast tapping into what little kids find so intriguing about robots & technology.

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