Best PS4 Wall Mount: Forza Designs

For gamers with limited space options, being able to mount your console on the wall means saving up a lot of space and being able to protect the console additionally. Although this accessory doesn’t necessarily improve your gaming performance, it certainly improves your space management and allows your console to be as safe as possible. If you were, by chance, looking to mount your PS4 onto the wall, Forza Designs is the accessory that will let you do it without too much of a hassle. In fact, it can be done simply and neatly with its help. It is the best PS4 wall mount you can find in the market

Buy the wall mount on Amazon
Buy the wall mount on Amazon

People uses Forza Designs as an easy way to mount a PS4 behind a television so that they can get rid of a table under the wall-mounted TV and keep it away from pets and children. It is easy and fast to set this wall mount up and attach a PS4 to it. The setup times is under 10 minutes if you use the included wall anchors and screws.


  • Smooth, sturdy design to support the console
  • Easy installation
  • Will be compatible with the regular PS4 add-ons
  • All of the bits you will need to install it come within the package
  • It can protect your PS4 from dust, by being mounted on the wall rather than being on the floor


  • It does exactly what it advertises
  • It has a no hassle approach and the installation won’t be a problem
  • Helps save space
  • Isn’t too expensive and it is very effective

Although not everyone would normally want to mount their console on the wall, there are a lot of practical reasons you might choose to do so. Primarily it would be because you would want to use the space the PS4 would traditionally use, to occupy it with something else, but the bottom line is that this is a fairly sturdy and a neat wall mount for your console, which will be able to support its weight and hold it firmly against the wall for as long as you need to.

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