5 Best Pro Scooter Collar Clamps in 2023

Finding the best scooter collar clamp can be a difficult task. There are so many different brands and prices to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. The best pro scooter collar clamps will be those that offer durability while providing some degree of comfort for riders who want to perform certain maneuvers without much hassle. They should also securely attach themselves onto surfaces so they’re not easily detached when needed.

In this blog post, we will explore 5 of the top products on the market in terms of quality and value. We hope that our list helps you make an informed decision when deciding what product would work best for your needs!

5 Best Pro Scooter Collar Clamps


ROOT INDUSTRIES AIR Scooter Clamps - Pro Scooter Double Clamp - Compatible with Standard/Oversized Handlebars 2-Bolt 6mm Compression for Trick Scooter - All Hardware Included - Scooter Parts
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It is never a good thing for riders to waste time on needless installation of double clamps. The lightweight and durable design allow for much easier execution of tricks, with more stable scooter control. Root’s easy-to-install double clamp system enables you to install these scooter clamps in minutes without any hassles or fuss. Previous methods used could take 10 or 20 minutes, but high quality Root Industries has improved this process so that riders can continue riding without having to deal with lengthy scooter surgery!

Liberty Diamond 2 Bolt Oversized Scooter Clamp

Liberty Diamond 2 Bolt Oversized Scooter Clamp
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This clamp is robust, strong and heavy duty to meet the needs of the job. Bring your bolts together with two Liberty clamps, built for toughness!

Your new clamp is designed from solid 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum and is fitted with a M8 heavy duty bolt. That means you’ll be able to use it for all your oversized bars with ease! You’ll never have to worry about having trouble finishing the job because of the lack of height again.

Envy Prodigy 2 Bolt Clamp OSize

Envy Prodigy 2 Bolt Clamp OSize
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The Envy Prodigy 2 Bolt Clamp is for the rider who wants a cost-effective but well made bolt tightener to keep their bars securely in place. Made from CNC machined aluminium this clamp offers style and durability that can’t be found at such an affordable price. The over sized design with two 6mm bolts will help you tighten your handlebar packages even tighter while taking up little space on your frame’s front end. It also comes equipped with a shim for both standard or oversized diameter handlebars, so you’ll never need another clamp again!

Z-FIRST Pro Stunt Scooter Clamp for HIC System

Z-FIRST Pro Stunt Scooter Clamp for HIC System
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Maximum Comfort: The 5mm bolt edge will give you maximum comfort in all circumstances.

Lightweight Design: Made with high-quality aluminum, this clamp is lightweight enough to make it easier for those who have had trouble carrying heavier clamps. 

Fusion Compatibility: You can use this clamp on any scooter with a 31.8×24 t slot system and HIC System, making these ideal replacements if your original screw has been lost.

Liberty Pro Scooters – aXis SCS Compression Clamp

Liberty Pro Scooters - aXis SCS Compression Clamp
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The Supreme Liberty pro scooters are the perfect way to have some fun on those warmer days. Featuring a 4 bolt compression clamp, 6mm compression bolts, and large threads make this a strong and effective clamp system that provides reliable support. Get yourself one and go for full speed ahead!

Benefits of Having a Pro Scooter Collar Clamp?

A good quality clamp can protect your deck and keep it from being damaged. It also helps to avoid any unnecessary accidents if you’re holding onto your board while riding down steep hills or curbs. A poorly made clamps will become loose after continual use, causing your board to fall.

A collar clamp is the perfect way to keep your scooter from moving around on a surface and can help you with tricks like slide fakie, which requires quick turns of 180 degrees or more.

What to Look For in Pro Scooter Collar Clamps?

The collar is a must-have for anyone who owns and uses a scooter. The clamps help with keeping the scooter in place so it doesn’t topple over or move around.

1) Choose a clamp that secures your scooter to the surface you plan on using it on. The clamp should be of sturdy material and ideally have a rubberized grip which helps keep all of your parts secure.

2) Ensure the length is compatible with the size of your scooter, as well as the width of your deck.

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