5 Best Pocket Notebooks in 2023

The best pocket notebooks for carrying with you are the ones that not only look good, but also function well. There are many different types of pocket notebooks on the market today- from traditional Moleskin to Leuchtturm1917’s dotted notebook paper. Which one is right for you? Below, we have narrowed it down to five and given the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision about which one will be your new favorite!

Factors to Consider When Buying a Pocket Notebook?

Paper Type: There are two types of paper available in pocket notebooks: lined and unlined. Lined is easier for those who need to keep their handwriting neat, while the unlined provides more space for creative writing or drawing. If you can’t decide between the two, there’s also a variety that includes both!

Designs: Most people prefer simple designs with understated colors because they don’t want anything flashy or distracting on their desk at work (remember when we talked about discretion?). Some options offer patterns like stripes or dots which not only make your notebook stand out

Size: If you’re looking for a pocket notebook that will fit in your front or back jeans pockets, then it should be smaller than three inches by five inches.

Paper Quality: The paper quality can range from notepad-thin to textured and slightly thicker. Some have perforated pages while others are dotted so you can easily fold the page corners up like an accordion. Writing on these pages is easy with pens, pencils or gel ink because they do not bleed through as much as other types of notebooks would. However, if you prefer writing thin lines without any tendency to bleed at all, then graph paper might suit your needs better!

Page Layout: All Moleskin’s come with lined pages but Anything larger than that will be too bulky to fit in your pocket.

Different Sections: Those who are looking for a specific set of features to help them better organize their thoughts and ideas might want one with headings like ‘Goals’, ‘Tasks Completed’ or even an index page where you can note down the date and title of every section at once. Different people have different needs, so it’s good to see what type is best suited for you!

Price: A lot of these notebooks cost around $0.50-$0.99 which isn’t bad considering how much they do!!!

5 Best Pocket Notebooks

newestor Pocket Notebook 3.5″ x 5.5″

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This notepad is the perfect size for on-the-go writing or drawing. It’s also the perfect size to fit into any pocket without feeling bulky. The paper lasts and doesn’t bleed, making it the ideal place for your artistic endeavors while still having space to take notes when you need it. Whether you’re short on cash or just want something better than a piece of notebook paper, this little book has got all your note taking needs covered in an affordable way.

The newestor 3.5″ x 5.5″ Pocket Notebook is the perfect EDC notepad for on-the-go note taking needs, both large and small. Handy in size at .25 pounds it will easily fit into a back pocket or shirt pocket so you can take notes when needed or use them for mini bullet notebook journaling or field notepads. It also features 6mm ruled paper with 19 lines per page to give you plenty of paper to write in each lined book with ease all while maintaining an easy breezy weight that won’t make your bag feel heavy after using it!

AHGXG Hardcover Journal Mini Notepad

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You’re going places and you need a buddy to keep up with all the notes, observations, ideas, and thoughts that are bound to pop up along the way. This is your indispensable partner in getting started down this new road of learning and accepting challenges. A perfect notepad for journalers or anyone who needs something reliable for capturing those brilliant moments. Made of durable PU leather with book-style binding and high quality acid free paper; get ready to write-all wonderful things in society today!

With 312 numbered pages, 156 numbered pages/102 sheets of paper per notebook, each one containing 3 content per page A6 mini size (3 1/2″x 5 1/2″) which fits conveniently in your wallet or purse! The sturdiness of this otterbox coupled with its simplicity will make sure nothing can happen to our lovely little hardback journal. It contains premium 100gsm acid free paper so it many come into contact with ink without bleeding through or ghosting.

AISBUGUR Pocket Notebook

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The AISBUGUR Pocket Notebook is small enough to carry in your pocket, suitable for everyday use. The perforated lines on the last 24 sheets prevent hassle-free tearing when you need it most. This notebook has 192 papers, 48 pages each with preprinted section numbers and is perfect for business executives, students, adults, scientists and many others.

This small notebook is perfect for business executives, students, adults, scientists, and people in many other fields of work and study. it’s small enough to carry in your pocket so you can keep track of all the meetings going on that day or days in advance. You won’t regret this investment-you’ll have a little piece of heaven with you every where you go!

PAPERAGE 2-Pack Pocket Notebook

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This set of 2 Pocket Notebooks are both hardcover, to keep your organization on point! With 100 gsm paper and 160 pages this notebook has enough space for you to leave important reminders. The pocket-sized design is small enough so that it can easily be carried in the back or front pockets of your clothes ; perfect for those who travel a lot during the day!

In comparison with other notebooks from Paperage, these are smaller than other larger books but makes up by containing more sheets and being compact. These two creative colors not only complement each other but match any outfit!

Jekkis 48 Pack Pocket Notebook Set

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Liven up your day with these stylish Jekkis 48 Pack Pocket Notebook Sets. You’ll always have a pen and paper on hand, thanks to this convenient memo book that can fit practically in any pocket!

Available in 12 different colors, you’re sure to find the perfect one for yourself and for all of your friends. With 90mm x 140mm pages (3.5″ x 5.5″), these high-quality notebooks are well-suited to both children and adults alike and would make an excellent school, office or art journaling notebook. There’s no reason not to start organizing right away!

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