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There are lots of solutions to your problem which don’t require a software. Following are the best online tools to help you solve your problem:

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  • Hello Bar - Hello Bar allows you to provide timely and relevant message bars for the visitors of your website. It can be used with any online platform. If you want to have increased visitors and subscribers, this is the software you need. The best part is that Hello Bar does more than just notification bars.
  • KISSmetrics - KISSmetrics is a business intelligence tool. This tool helps you to better understand the behaviour of the visitors of your website and convert that to improved sales. With this tool, you can efficiently manage and improve your marketing efforts by segmenting the actions and conduct exhibited by your visitors.

RGBA Color Picker

  • Px to Em Converter - As the name suggests, it is an online converter which converts pixel to em and vise versa
  • Image Optimizer - Using Image Optimizer, you can resize, compress and optimize your image files.
  • PHP Readable var_dump - By default, var_dump doesn't format its output. This tool will help you format them a bit for easier reading.
  • HEX Color Picker - HEX Color Picker is a simple tool to help developer and designer pick color in HEX value.
  • RGBA Color Picker - RGBA Color Picker is a color picker which shows chosen color in RGBA value
  • TextExpander - TextExpander is a smart writing tool. With this tool, you can simply create snippets of words commonly used by you in your writings and insert that into the article you are working on. The tool also observes your writing and suggests words which may be added into your snippet.
  • Olark - Olark is a live chat software. It allows you to instantly engage with your customers in real time. Olark helps you to provide effortless customer service and build stronger relationships with them. With Olark you can also gain crucial insights from customers which can enable you to improve your service.


  • IDoneThis - IDoneThis helps you and your team to keep track of your projects by maintaining records of completion. With this tool, the various works of the team members can be easily monitored on a day-to-day basis. Comments can also be given on the activities completed by other teammates. Most of all, it encourages discipline and being organised.
  • Blossom - Blossom is the most direct and user-friendly project management service for software teams. Whether your team is distributed over different floors, cities or continents, Blossom helps you to collaborate and work easily. With Blossom, you can easily track and direct the progress on the activities of your team.
  • Slack - Slack is a chat-based collaboration tool with a super-sleek user interface. It is available across various online platforms and provides easy transitioning. The facilities include video calling, screen sharing and secure chats. Specific chat rooms based on topics can be created which enables easy communication and update on the projects.
  • Help Scout - Help Scout is a unique online help desk. It does away with the ticket or form system. It is a simple and elegant tool that personalise communications for a robust customer service. Transactions are smooth and hassle free with Help Scout. Help Scout prioritizes customers and does it like no other help desk.
  • Evernote - Evernote is arguably the best tool for organizing notes. You can easily sync the application across all your devices and operating systems for seamless performance. It incorporates not just documents but web clips, images and PDF files. The application is clear, concise and easy to navigate.


  • Buffer - Buffer is an excellent tool to manage social media accounts. It is also available as an application for mobile users. If you want your social media account to be updated with great posts but as per your own convenient schedule, Buffer is the answer. It works with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.
  • Youtube Thumbnail Grabber - This is the easiest way to get all available thumbnails of a Youtube video.
  • Facebook Text Formatting - Do you want to apply bold and italic format to Facebook's post? This is the tool for you.

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