5 Best Oil-Filled Space Heaters in 2023

We all know that the winter months can be brutal. You have to bundle up and even then, you’re still freezing! There are many ways to stay warm during these months but one of the most popular is using an oil-filled space heater. These heaters provide continuous warmth without having to constantly refill or replace anything like a traditional space heater does. In this blog post, we will discuss five different oil-filled space heaters so that you can choose the right one for your needs and budget!

5 Best Oil-Filled Space Heaters

PELONIS Oil Filled Radiator Heater Luxurious Champagne Portable Space Heater

PELONIS Oil Filled Radiator Heater Luxurious Champagne Portable Space Heater with Programmable Thermostat
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Take control of the room’s temperature with this luxurious champagne oil-filled radiator heater. Set to three different heating modes and five temperature settings, you’ll be able to easily adjust the unit as needed without worrying about your energy bill.

This sturdy space heater is made for medium or large rooms in order to maximize its efficiency and keep it running quietly all day. With a touch of the remote or at a remote distance, use the buttons on top of the device on command–without even having to detour from your comfortable bed or couch.

Whether you need warmth while sleeping, work time creativity, heated conversation with friends or any other time in between–the PELONIS luxury heater can help elevate those cabin fever blues when necessary!

COSTWAY Oil Filled Radiator Heater

COSTWAY Oil Filled Radiator Heater
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Oftentimes, we don’t think of heaters as being elegant fixtures for our home. This is why it’s so good to find an alternative that is small enough to be tucked away in a corner, and that still provides the warmth you want when things get chilly outside.

In order to provide a quiet environment, this radiator heater is designed for low noise. Thanks to its small size and portable handle, you can quickly place it in a narrow space or under your desk. 

The features available with this type of heater provide winter heating without all the bothersome noises associated with larger models! It has 700 watts worth of oil-filled radiant heat–enough power for most rooms or smaller offices–so everything stays nice and cozy at any time.

NewAir Electric Oil-Filled Space Heater

NewAir Electric Oil-Filled Space Heater
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Keep it cozy in any room with this electric oil-filled space heater. This powerful heater has seven fins that provide constant comfort all winter long. It also comes equipped with ECO mode, so you can stay nice and toasty for the entire day without worrying about how much you’re paying on your electric bill–it’s one of the most efficient heaters around!

If a fan makes too much noise but you still need some heating assistance, then definitely check this out: it operates without making a sound so that at night when someone is sleeping or you’re just trying to enjoy some peace and quiet time, they won’t be bothered by the loud noise nor will they have any idea its running.

Kismile 1500W Oil-Filled Radiator Heater

Kismile 1500W Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
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The Kismile 1500 watt oil-filled radiator heater is perfect for the entire room. The tip-over switch prevents your pet from knocking it over, and ETL certification means you can use it safely in any living space.

Front features a modern design that would look at home in any setting, including offices or dorm rooms. Choose between copper coil heating elements or an infrared quartz heat circulator to ensure optimal comfort for every size room (heat up large spaces quickly). Units are easily portable with smooth castors so moving the unit into different parts of the house is easy.

Air Choice Electric Radiator Heater

Electric Radiator Heater - 1500W Oil Space Heater with Remote
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Stay cool and calm those winter blues with the Air Choice Electric Radiator Heater! This oil heater is perfect for large rooms, keeping everything at an even temperature. With a LED Display to pair it with, this electric radiator heater will be easy to identify what setting your heaters are on. With no fans blowing dirt all over, allergens are reduced in this space heater too and overheating protection just ensures safety all around.

No more blowing dust into the air with this electric radiator heater. With a tip-over safety switch and built in overheating protection, you are guaranteed to be safe from any accidental fires. This is perfect for your home because it will evenly heat up around your space without having to worry about dirt getting blown everywhere!

Advantages of an Oil Filled Heater

Oils are cheaper than other types of fuel, meaning the heater will be more affordable.

No need to replace or refill anything which means less time spent on maintenance and more time enjoying cozy warmth.

Oil-filled heaters produce a higher BTU per hour rating than other space heaters. This is important for larger spaces that require an efficient way to stay warm.

Disadvantages of an Oil Filled Heater

Oil-filled heaters are not as effective in smaller spaces. They require high levels of BTUs to produce the same amount of warmth that a traditional space heater would provide, so it’s important to measure your space before you purchase one . This is especially true if you have a smaller space or if you live in an apartment building with shared walls.

Adjusting the temperature can be difficult because it is not as easy to regulate heat levels. This means that you may have to spend more time monitoring and adjusting your heater which will take away from enjoying its benefits.

Oil-filled heaters are not ideal for households with pets. The oil-filled heater does not produce as much heat or warmth and they are also more likely to overheat.

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