Best Nexus 10 Accessories: from Cases to Chargers

In the digital world the tablet is rapidly replacing the more traditional desk top and lap top computers. Size, portability, and the ability to personalize them has made for a lively accessory market. Among the winners in the tablet marketplace is the Google Nexus 10. To celebrate this marvelous machine, let’s do some window shopping to see what is available to personalize it.


For tablet protection a must have is a protective case. Available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. You will want one that is strong, light weight, and with the features you want. Among the most popular are:

Poetic StrapBack Protective Case
Poetic StrapBack Protective Case

The Poetic StrapBAck case for the Nexus 10 provides a hard plastic tray that is designed to protect the back of your device, and features a microfiber interior to prevent scratches. This case also provides a roll back cover that allows for non-slip typing, and the spin design lets the Nexus 10 be used in a variety of landscape mode viewing positions.

Fintie Slim Fit Leather Folio Stand Case for Nexus 10
The Fintie Slim fit Folio stand is made of synthetic leather for a more durable finish.  The case includes an internal pocket with a Velcro strap to hold the Nexus 10 securely.  This case can be used for horizontal viewing, and features a magnetic sleep/wake strip for ease of use.

Snugg Nexus 10 Leather Case
This is a premium leather case that features a Nubuck interior for added protection of the Nexus 10.  This case folds in a variety of ways, allowing you to choose the best viewing options for your needs.  The Snugg also wakes the device upon opening, and puts it to sleep when the case is closed.  The added elastic hand strap also provides additional stability when holding  the Nexus to protect against dropping.

Poetic Slimline Portfolio Case for Google Nexus 10
The Slimline case is a folder design that provides protection for both the screen and the back of your Nexus 10.  This is a shock resistant case made from Polyurethane, and it snaps on and off the case for secure storing, while the microfiber interior protects the screen from scratches.  This case also features auto sleep/wake upon opening or closing the case.

MoKo Slim-Fit Multi-Angle Folio Case
The Moko Slim-Fit provides ultimate protection for the Nexus 10.  A combination of polyurethane leather and microfiber, plus the addition of padding protects the device from scratches or damage from all angles.  The case has a built in stand for multiple angles of viewing, and features a sleep/wake feature that puts the device to sleep when shut, and wakes it upon opening, all with a lifetime guarantee.

Bluetooth Keyboards

IVSO® Google Nexus 10 DETACHABLE Bluetooth Keyboard Portfolio Cover Case

The single biggest drawback of a tablet is the lack of a keyboard. This issue has been resolved with several after-market Bluetooth keyboards now available. The premier keyboard according to Amazon ranking is the IVSO detachable keyboard and case.


Nexus 10 Dock with Magnetic Charging
As the name implies a tablet dock serves as an extender for the capabilities of the Nexus 10. Because there are docks for almost every imaginable situation Included in the features of a dock system are things like a stationary stand, multiple charging and connection points, viewing, audio/MP3 playback, and other outlets. The variations in docking configurations stands as a testimony to the number of different uses the Nexus 10 has. This allows the tablet to serve more like a desktop computer than a portable.

Screen Protectors

Among the more common concerns of the tablet owner is care of the screen. With very high resolution these screens can be hyper-sensitive to finger prints, dirt, and scratches. To protect the tablet screen the screen protector was developed.

GreatShield Ultra Smooth Clear Screen Protector Film
One of the most available of accessories they come in all sizes and prices. Top ranked at Amazon is the GreatShield Ultra Smooth clear protector It comes in a package of three, is washable, reusable, and specifically fitted for the Nexus 10.


Most Nexus 10 models comes with an AC adapter. Once charged they are usually run on battery power. With the amount of mobility and distance traveled by people in the U.S. optional methods of charging up the unit are called for. These can range from auto adapters, USB plug-ins to a non-portable computer, there are even solar powered recharging systems.

Perhaps the most practical option for most people is the very popular Anker 24 watt dual port rapid USB car charging system. It plugs into the power outlet in most cars.  Reviewers like its compact size, versatility, and charging speed.

Welcome to the ever shrinking world of the computer – as seen in the Nexus 10 tablet, a recommended tablet with hdmi. With the display clarity, configuration options, and the range of accessories available there are few things that the larger siblings of the tablet can do that can’t be done on a tablet.

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