5 Best Mini Fridges in 2023

You’re just about to start a new life living in your dorm, apartment, or house and you need the perfect mini fridge. You don’t want one that’s going to take up too much space, but you also want something that will keep all of your food cold. A mini fridge is a great way to store food and beverages. Whether you’re just trying to save space or you need a portable appliance that doesn’t take up too much kitchen real estate, the best mini fridges are perfect for your needs. We have 5 mini fridges for sale at our store that we think are some of the best on the market!

5 Best Mini Fridges

Ommo Mini Fridge

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This mini fridge has an overall capacity of six liters and allows storing about eight average cans. It is small and compact, yet it looks stylish. It can be taken on holidays as well, not to mention recreational vehicles, beach trips or boats. You can use it for pretty much anything.

You have both warming and heating options – it can cool to around 68 degrees F. As for heating, it goes up to 149 degrees F. Since it is small and has a tiny motor, it will not cause too much noise. It even has a classic 12V outlet for your car.

BLACK+DECKER BCRK17B Compact Refrigerator

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Black+Decker has designed a very stylish refrigerator in a compact size – just 17x18x19 inches. It is great for all kinds of drinks and can also take bottles. It is just as handy for small amounts of food. It comes in three different designs – white, stainless steel, and black – and works wonders in tiny kitchens.

Despite looking compact, the internal capacity is quite impressive. You can remove the middle shelf and you get even more clearance. There is a bit of storage on the door as well. Other than that, the door is reversible and the legs are leveling. Temperature control is also adjustable.

RCA RFR322-B RFR322 3.2 Cu Ft Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer

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This mini fridge is a middle option between large refrigerators and tiny units. It measures 17x18x31 inches. It has a relatively large capacity – 3.2 cubic feet. Altogether, it weighs just over 50 pounds. Apart from the fridge, it has a small freezer too – just 0.2 cubic feet.

The door is reversible, so you can install this fridge in any part of the room or kitchen. It has compressor cooling, so the performance will be flawless, even on a hot summer day. The lever feet are adjustable, as well as the thermostat. As for the design, it comes in more finishes and colors.

RCA 3.2 Cubc Foot 2 Door Fridge and Freezer

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Measuring 20x33x19 inches, this mini fridge allows plenty of space for pretty much anything you need. It is great for couples or single individuals, as well as students or those who simply need a backup fridge. It has an attractive two-door configuration – the top is the freezer and the bottom is the fridge.

The thermostat is fully adjustable and the compressor cooling feature ensures consistency even if the weather is too hot. It has a crisper drawer for fruits and vegetables, as well as a reversible door. There is also a can dispenser and a door basket for a couple of bottles.

Teccpo Mini Fridge with Freezer

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You just cannot go wrong with Teccpo’s compact fridge. Measuring 18x17x32 inches, it is a bit larger than other mini fridges in this range. It is still compact and can take food, drinks and other stuff. It is suitable for apartments, garages or even offices – available in a black finish only.

The unit has six different temperature settings you can choose from – 24.8 to 50 degrees F. There is also a defrosting feature should such situations arise. Despite the size, the unit is incredibly quiet and will not bother you at all. The door is reversible.

What to Look For in a Mini Fridge?

Price: Mini fridges can cost anywhere from $50 to well over $1000. For a dorm, apartment or house with limited space, you’ll want something that’s not too expensive but still does the trick. The best mini fridges should be in between $100 and $200. Of course this will depend on your needs – if you’re looking for something portable with an ice maker built in then it could be more expensive than others.

Space: If you have a lot of kitchen appliances already (especially large ones), getting one that’s going to take up all the lost countertop real estate might not be ideal for you! A good rule of thumb is measuring how much space there is before buying anything so make sure it’ll fit in your kitchen before ordering.

Design: This will depend on what you want but something classic like stainless steel is a great option – it matches most kitchens and doesn’t look too bulky! You could also go with black if that’s the style of your kitchen or get creative with fun colors for an even more modern look.

There are many options out there, so be sure to do your research before buying anything!

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