5 Best Kayak Paddles in 2023

With the warm weather approaching, many people are looking to get out on their kayaks. But before you can enjoy a day of paddling down the river, you have to make sure that your kayak paddle is up-to-date. There are a lot of different types of paddles, and it can be hard to choose from them all! In this blog post we will review five best kayak paddles for sale today so that you don’t end up with buyer’s remorse after purchase.

5 Best Kayak Paddles


SeaSense X -TREME 1 KAYAK PADDLE BLACK 84IN (008680)
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When it comes time to get on the water, make sure you’re prepared with the SeaSense X-Treme 1 Kayak Paddle. With its durable two-piece aluminum construction and a 44.5 inch length, this paddle is lightweight enough for most boats while still being long enough to suit paddlers seeking longer blades and an acreage of reach.

The black molded plastic blades are just as durable as they are lightweight–making them perfect for any level of boating enthusiast–and also include adjustable pocket guards so that your hands stay nice and dry from even some serious waves!

Great for boat storage or hanging up by your guest cottage when not in use, the SeaSense X-Treme kayak paddle has a simple yet sleek asymmetrical design that will complement any boat’s aesthetic.

Best Marine Kayak Paddle

Best Marine Kayak Paddle. 220cm
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This kayak paddle is perfect for all your adventures on the water! From paddling across a pond to fishing in saltwater, this paddle offers a variety of benefits. These kayak paddles are made of carbon shaft and reinforced fiberglass blades.

They come with two drip rings that prevents water from running down the paddle shaft preventing corrosion or puncture wounds on hands when working around water. The length of these kayak paddles makes it easy for any size group or solo operative to use these so they can make quick changes if need be as well as being durable and lightweight (only 33 oz!) 

Whether you are fly fishing off of saltwater cliffs, engaging in canoeing competitions with friends, or exploring new areas alone near freshwater ponds- make sure you have the Best Marine Kayak Paddle on hand!

attwood 11768-2 Asymmetrical 2-Piece Heavy-Duty Kayak Paddle

attwood 11768-2 Asymmetrical 2-Piece Heavy-Duty Kayak Paddle with Comfort Grips 7-Feet
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You’re in luck! With this two-piece paddle, you can enjoy hassle free adventures on your watercraft. It features a drip ring to keep you dry and its asymmetrical spoon blades will give you the most efficient paddling experience as they cut through the water without any extra flutter or effort.

Two-piece blades are designed to provide you with a more efficient and comfortable paddle stroke. Drip rings allow you to grip the paddle without fear of water seeping into your hands when paddling on choppy waves. If the weather turns rough, these drip rings prevent water from sliding onto your grip, also ensuring that solid grip for hours of paddling time.

Made of thick aluminum and rugged plastic, it’s built for durability while still remaining lightweight enough to transport easily. This is yet another product engineered by Attwood’s never-fail attitude so if reliability is what you’re looking for in a kayak paddle then this has been constructed just for you!

BENDING BRANCHES Whisper 2-Piece Snap-Button Recreational Kayak Paddle

BENDING BRANCHES Whisper 2-Piece Snap-Button Recreational Kayak Paddle)
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This lightweight, sturdy 2-piece paddle features an adjustable snap-button ferrule that let you adjust the feathering angle to suit what’s ahead of you. The Whisper also comes with a snug-fitting 3 hole snapbutton ferrule for easy installation and removal on your kayak.

This stellar recreational paddle offers optimal balance and smooth strokes so even those days when your load is heavy won’t affect how long and far you can go out onto the water.

These paddles are the meticulous culmination of state-of-the art research and development as well as old fashioned experience mixed with deftness that can only be learned through time spent out on the water under every imaginable condition.

Carlisle Paddle Gear Magic Plus Kayak Paddle

Carlisle Paddle Gear Magic Plus Kayak Paddle (Sunrise
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The Carlisle Paddle Gear Magic Plus kayaking paddle is a lightweight and durable blade with a slight curve on one side that helps create smooth, efficient strokes. The fiberglass shaft has an ovalized grip for basic stability with easy operation––perfect for those who want to find their feet in the water again.

This product comes with rubber rings at the base of each blade that help keep your hands and legs dry while paddling. For added functionality, this product also has push-button take down features which allow you to adjust the blades into two positions: 1) feathered or 2) aligned left or right handed control so that there is no paddling frustration on long trips!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Kayak Paddles

When you’re looking to buy a kayak paddle, there are a number of factors to consider. Here are some factors that will help you find the right one for you!

Cost: You should make sure that the paddle is worth the price if it’s not very cheap.

Brand Name: If you have a favorite brand, choose everything from that brand or look on the company’s website.

Blade Material: Plastic and wood blades can be more durable and flexible than aluminum depending on your needs. The weight of the paddle also depends on the blade material as lighter blades are usually made of aluminum and heavier blades are made of wood or plastic.

Length: The length of your paddle ranges from 240 cm to 255 cm. Paddles shorter than 240cm are usually for use in rivers, streams, and shallow water. Longer paddles are used for sea kayaking.

Material: Some paddles are made of fiberglass, PVC, or wood while others are aluminum.

Hand Positioning: The blades can be positioned in two ways for right and left handed control which is great if you’re paddling with a friend but not so good when you’re on your own!

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