5 Best iPhone Alarm Clock Docks

The iPhone is an amazing device that can be used for so many different tasks. It’s a phone, it’s a camera, it’s a gaming system and more! But did you know that the iPhone can also be your alarm clock? There are plenty of apps in the iTunes store to help you out but if you want something with style then check out these 5 best iPhone alarm clock docks

Factors to Consider When Buying a Alarm Clock Dock

Different people have different needs when purchasing an alarm clock dock for their iPhone. Some of the things to keep in mind are:

Do you want your phone to charge while it is docked? If so, then make sure that it has a power cable and charging port on the back or side of the unit

How big does your bedside table space allow for? This will be important if you’re looking at tabletop models as they need room around them to function properly

Do you want something with style or do you just need something functional? Model options vary greatly depending on what factors matter most to you. The “best” choice really comes down to personal preference and needs!

5 Best iPhone Alarm Clock Docks

iHome iPL24 Alarm Clock

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Silence is golden when you want to sleep in. So get the iPL 24. Wake up peacefully with its gentle waking volume, or snooze all your worries away for just a few more minutes.

This is also when iHome’s Gentle Wake feature will gently awaken you in 5 minute intervals until you’re up in full morning mode or ready to deactivate retirement mode altogether.

This dual alarm clock can play Radio and iPhone (should it’s the wake up source) simultaneously by using its auxiliary IN/OUT jack for iPod/iPhone devices, iPhones via Bluetooth wireless technology, Pandora Internet radio service, or Auxiliary input.

Once set to a time that suits you best from one AM to nine PM this week days alarm clock will sound off without fail at the desired time weekdays only!

Emerson Alarm Clock Radio and QI Wireless Phone Charger

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The Emerson Mobile Charging Alarm clock uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 Technology to make pairing with your phone a breeze.

Benefit from “drop and charge” capability by using Qi wireless charging technology built into this sleek clock radio on top of great features like: Dual alarms, digital FM tuner with PLL synthesized tuning frequency and a full function world time alarm clock It also includes LED lights that will gently wake you up at just the right time & is USB Port Compatible for additional mobile phones etc!

Automatically sets itself to the correct year, Month, date, day and time as soon as you plug it in and after every power interruption. Amp up your mornings with this durable device unlike any other.

Keep your phone charged and never miss a call with this digital clock! With the ability to wirelessly charge your phone, alarm, and have push notifications for weather or traffic updates. It’s perfect for any busy individual who needs that extra kick of motivation to make it through their day without descending into chaos.

InstaBox W33 Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Radio

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When you are on the go or need a power base for your phone, this is ideal. It has Bluetooth speaker and can charge wirelessly so that you don’t have to connect it with wires. The alarm clock also has different functions like FM radio and programmable sleep timer, which makes it possible for anyone in the family to choose their favorite feature, depending on what they want to hear while asleep.

This mini wireless charging alarm clock has both digital and analog features, and clocks that are set to 12-hour or 24-hour formats. It also includes a snooze feature with two alarms available.

The InstaBox W33 Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Radio is the perfect companion for indoor use because it can be easily transported from one room to another while delivering tidy sound quality through speakers, radio Wi-Fi, FM broadcasting.

All you have to do is drop your phone on the wireless charger – making this product an ultra convenient device for music lovers of all ages!

ANJANK Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

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This handcrafted wooden clock is a great way to start the day with, its oval shape makes it easy to read and within reach from any side of your face. It also stays on while charging so you can plug in at night and be able to see what time it is before turning off the lamp or bedside light.

With this alarm clock there are many features that set it apart form others. One of these features would be that but also has an SD card slot for listening too music as opposed to just radio where anything could come up on the airwaves unexpectedly!

The extra USB port was created specifically for people that have three phones because charging all three devices at once means less hassle when trying help together electronics.

With its adjustable volume speaker, you will enjoy crisp sound that fills the room with less static without waking anyone close by. There is no need to fumble around for your glasses; instead just glance at the date and weather on of its four bright LCD screens!

dpnao 5 in 1 iPhone Charger Dock Station with Alarm Clock

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The dpnao 5 in 1 iPhone Charger Dock Station with Alarm Clock is engineered to charge your Apple devices rapidly, and allow for an alarm clock. Wake up to the latest tunes from a nightstand FM radio or wakeup buzzer.

It’s a charger, an alarm clock, and Bluetooth speaker all wrapped up in one! Just plug your lightning to USB cord into the back of this little device and dock your iPhone for supreme convenience. You can even play music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled smartphone or blue tooth wireless speakers and enjoy hours of uninterrupted tunes while charging your phone and devices. 

With a large LCD screen display and sleep timer, this is the perfect device for those who desire convenience of charging while listening to music without being tethered by wires. The 5 in 1 product has been certified as Apple MFi Certified Lightning charger, alarm clock dock station with speakerphone and 3.5 mm auxiliary input jack too!

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