Best Hobbies for Teens

Hobbies are an excellent way to learn new skills, explore interests, and meet new people. However not all hobbies are equally good for a teen. Many teens choose their activities based on what is popular among their friends or what they see in the media.

This can lead to two potential problems:

  • They don’t have time for anything other than schoolwork
  • They spend too much time doing things that are harmful to themselves physically or mentally.

Teenage life has the most curiosity and energy to try fresh experiences and learn new things. So, it’s no wonder why teens get easily bored and look for something that can keep them busy. 

Reasons why teens should pick up a hobby:

  • Hobbies are a great way to relieve stress.
  • Hobbies can help you meet new people and make friends.
  • Hobbies give you something to do when you’re bored.
  • Hobbies teach skills that can be used in the future, such as cooking or sewing.
  • Hobbies are a great way to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

5 Best Hobbies for Teens

As they try out new hobbies, they grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. Below are the 5 best hobbies for teens:


Music is an extremely popular hobby for people around the world. It doesn’t matter if you are playing an instrument, singing in a choir, or just listening to your favorite song on repeat — music can make anyone feel better and more relaxed. Music has been shown to have many health benefits including improved cognitive function, cardiovascular health, mood disorders like anxiety and depression as well as pain relief.

Music offers a soothing feel, and when teens learn how to play different musical instruments, they can express themselves to the fullest. Once they master playing instruments, they can share what they feel creatively, from joy to sadness. This hobby can also boost their social skills and confidence.


Remember when your parents took you to the camera store as a child and they let you pick out a disposable camera with the understanding that you would get one roll of film and then it’s gone? It was such an exciting feeling. You didn’t know what kind of pictures were going to be on those rolls, but you knew that no matter what happened, there wouldn’t be any more after this first set!

Whether they use a smartphone or DSLR, photography is a cool hobby for teens. This hobby will help them experience the world from a different perspective. Teens can also capture beautiful memories that they can reminisce on anytime they want. They can visit different places, where they can get new experiences.


As a teenager, time is scarce. Cooking can seem like an unappealing chore that takes up too much of your precious free time. But cooking is not just for adults and those who are retired from the workforce! Teens often find themselves with plenty of free time to learn how to cook and have fun in the kitchen.

Cooking is not only for girls. Everyone can enjoy this hobby and reap its therapeutic benefits. Teens can try out different dishes and cuisines, including French, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, American, and more. From making appetizers and desserts to baking and grilling, teens have limitless fun and enjoyment.


Teenagers are often faced with many obstacles. They have to deal with their school work, social life, and in some cases family problems. For the most part teens will read books about other teenagers who face similar issues that they themselves do. This is because it gives them a sense of comfort knowing they’re not alone when going through something difficult.

Reading is not only fun; it can also develop teens’ grammar and vocabulary. Series like The Hobbit and Harry Potter are great reading materials that offer fascinating and intriguing stories. This hobby lets teens escape into the fantasy world while enriching their knowledge.


Every day, more and more teens are becoming attracted to sports as a hobby. They’re not only doing it for the exercise; they want to be good at something. Sports is a great way for kids to get in shape and stay healthy while having fun with their friends.

One of the best things about sports is that they can keep teens active. This hobby will not only keep them entertained but also healthy. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, they can keep boredom away while boosting their health and meeting new friends.

Which one is your favorite hobby? Choose from the above best hobbies and keep yourself occupied all the time. 

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