20 Best Hobbies for Kids

Nowadays kids tend to be glued to their tech gadgets all day long. That’s why it is critical for parents to encourage their kids to pick up a hobby.

Hobbies are a great way for kids to develop skills and interests that can translate into future careers. Unlike their parents, however, children don’t have the same freedom to choose any hobby they want. Most of them will be limited by the time and resources available to them. So what hobbies are best suited for young people? In this blog post, we’ll discuss 20 options for engaging hobbies that kids should consider!

Top 20 Hobbies for Kids


This origami hobby can also enhance the imagination and creativity of your kids by folding a piece of paper and create an exciting figure.

Origami is a type of art in which one folds paper into shape with the use of cuts, folds and glue. Origami is most often made out of just one sheet of square paper. There are many different techniques and styles for this type of art. An origami artist usually has a favorite technique that they use often.

Writers can also make their own shapes by folding the edges to form a picture or design.

There are many different things that kids can learn from origami such as patience, precision, creativity, and following instructions to achieve desired results.

Handprint Crafts

Handprint crafts are a hobby that preschoolers and kindergarteners will enjoy. The results they get, which are usually of their handprints, can be made into a picture or given as a gift to someone special.

Handprint crafts will make the imagination of your kids keep on running. This hobby can improve their creativity skills by making paintings and other interesting designs.

The process is very simple: take the child’s hand and press it against the paper with a color of paint on it. Then, just take your index finger and follow the child’s thumb to make a continuous line from one corner of the paper to another. The next step is to cut out the shape and mount it on some black construction paper for framing.


Woodwork is yet another hobby that kids love to do. Woodworking can be done with a variety of different tools depending on the desired project – some of which are: saws, sanders, hammers, chisels, and clamps. A large amount of patience is needed for this type of art because it can take a long time for the project to finish and turn out like what was planned.

With woodworking there are many possibilities and things that kids can learn about it such as how to follow instructions for a project, how to plan out materials needed for a project, and how to make something new or create something old. This hobby will teach kids skills that they will use into adulthood.

Your kids will probably have fun on making some buildings using woods and other building materials. This hobby can improve the motor skills of your children.


Crocheting is an art in which one uses a crochet hook as their tool to create textile designs. There are two main stitches in crocheting; single crochet and double crochet. It is not needed to have knowledge of how to read patterns, or any other skills, because it is so easy to learn.

This hobby can make your children busy all day long. If they are a beginner in this activity, they can start with the basic crochet patterns. This will improve the brain capacity and creativity skills of your child.

It takes patience, concentration, and a lot of time to be a crocheter. It takes patience because it can be time consuming and difficult because there are many different stitches that can be used. Concentration is important because it helps keep the crocheter on the right track with their pattern. Lastly, time needs to be put into crocheting because this hobby takes up a lot of time and effort.


Painting is one of the most common past times for any age. It can be calming, creative, and a good way to vent when there are things going on in your life that you don’t want to deal with. Painting means different things to everybody; it’s not just about making art on a canvas. People choose what they want their painting experience to look like and how they want it to make them feel.

Painting can be your child’s best hobby. There are some painting materials that your child can use. Your child might also discover his or her talent in painting.

Painting is a hobby that’s easy to get started with, as it doesn’t require any specialized knowledge or tools to get started with! Whether they’re interested in creating artwork for themselves or trying something new around the house, tapestries are a great option.

There are infinite possibilities as far as what someone could paint. They can paint anything from a bowl of fruit, a landscape from their home, or even an abstract piece with color blocks.

Painting is so unique and people have been doing it since the beginning of time; people of all cultures have their own styles of painting. It is helpful to learn about what other people have done and create something that follows in their footsteps, but also different enough that it is their own original style.


Felting is the process of matting wool fibers to create a textile. Felting is done by soaking or immersing the material in water, then rubbing it with a large blunt object, like a hammer or wet sponge. A needle felted rug typically has three layers: two outer layers of felt, and an inner layer of padding.

Felts are usually made for children’s toys and garments for babies. Some people make felted dolls or other stuffed animals that are called “plushies” but they more closely resemble purses. Felts can also be used as pillows for beds and other furniture pieces.

Felting can be your child’s favorite hobby. He or she can also discover his or her talent in terms of felting. There are some felting types that your child can choose from, carved felting, cobweb felting or needle felting.


Sketching is an activity that almost everyone enjoys. It is a form of art that requires nothing but paper and pencil or pen, along with a little imagination. Sketching makes for a very enjoyable pastime. You can learn to sketch by attending an art class or workshop, or just by doing it on your own.

The imaginations of your child can be shown through this hobby. They can sketch all the imaginations in their mind and have a beautiful result. Starters can learn to sketch through patterned designs that they need to trace.

As you develop the skill of sketching, you will be able to express your emotions through this medium. This is great for children who are shy and reserved in nature and wish to come out of their shell. Artists sketch as a form of self-expression, too.


Tapestry is a creative hobby that can be quite enjoyable. I Learning tapestry as your child’s hobby can improve their creativity. The designs they made can be additional decorations in your home or their bedrooms.

t’s also an activity that kids and their parents alike can enjoy, as it doesn’t require any specialized knowledge or tools to get started with! Whether they’re interested in creating artwork for themselves or trying something new around the house, tapestries are a great option.

Collecting Comic Books

Collecting comic books is a hobby that’s been around for decades. It was once considered the domain of nerds and geeks, but now it seems like everyone has at least one issue of their favorite superhero tucked away in a drawer somewhere! Comic book collecting can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it – from buying comics when they first come out all the way up to finding rare vintage issues worth thousands of dollars.

Your children can have a passion for collecting comic books that were written by their favorite authors and start reading it.

Collecting Coins

Kids love to collect several coins from several countries. Your child can also know the history of the coins he or she collected from different countries.

This is because, collecting coins is a hobby that no one can ever get bored. There are many people around the world who with wealthy backgrounds or affluence, and they are typically the ones who collect coins. Many are willing to pay more for old coins that have some sort of antique value.

Collecting coins can be very rewarding and people enjoy displaying them on bookshelves or in bowls. Some people even like to display them as decorations in tables adjacent to sofas or chairs in the house. Everyone has different reasons for collecting it and there’s never a bad reason behind it.

Collecting Toys or Dolls

Kids probably love collecting their favorite cartoon character dolls or toys. They can keep all of their collections forever. This can be your kid’s form of appreciating the value of their toys.

This hobby is enjoyed by many, and the best part about it is that anyone can do it. It doesn’t involve any specific training or knowledge. As long as you have interest in toys or dolls, there will be plenty of opportunities to develop this form of a hobby.

Many people enjoy being with their children and doing things that they like for long periods of time. It is very interesting to learn about the different types of toys and dolls, along with their history behind them.

Children enjoy playing with toys, but they also love being around adults who do things that they like. If you have a child in your family or if you are good friends with one, there’s nothing better than spending some time together with him or her.

Toys and dolls can be very interesting to learn about if you do not know that much about it.

Animal Care

Animal care can be a fun hobby for children that love animals. Or, it could be an activity for adults who want to teach their children responsibility and compassion by taking care of a pet or small animal.

Some people enjoy volunteering at shelters or zoos, and see it as a way of paying it forward or giving back to the community. There are many different opportunities to volunteer your time to someone in need, so find one that’s close to your home base.

There are many reasons why you might want to take up animal care as a hobby: you may have grown up with pets and loved them dearly, you have always been fascinated by animals and like watching documentaries about them on television, or you simply have fond memories of growing up with them. Whichever the case may be, you will find that your time spent working with animals is very rewarding.

Your kids might encourage taking care of animals. This kind of hobby can bring positive effects to the lives of your children. Whatever kinds of animal that your child wants to take care of, keep an eye for him or her for his or her safety.

Paper or Plastic Recycling

Your child can have their passion for recycling appear and turn it into a new structure.

This hobby will help your child to improve his or her imagination and creativity skills.

Plastic recycling is also an excellent way for your child to help the environment you live in.

Organic Farming

Organic farming can be your child’s enriching type of hobby. You can teach him or her how to plant fruits or vegetables without using any synthetic fertilizers. Let your child be knowledgeable enough about the benefits that the human and plant can get through organic farming.

The answer to staying cool while being outdoors is quite simple: gardening! It’s not just for the elderly, as many young people enjoy doing this as well. If you live in a cool area, then this is a perfect way to spend your time because you will not get overheated or dehydrated very quickly.

This hobby can also be educational at the same time and it teaches young people how plants grow and what kind of flowers they would like to plant around their homes in the future.


Meteorology is a type of hobby that can help your child to choose the career they want in the future.

Your child can learn meteorology through books or watching the TV weather bulletins.


Astronomy is a hobby that can help your child to choose their careers in the future.

Your child can learn astronomy through reading books about the moon, stars, planets, constellations and solar system.

Playing Musical Instruments

Playing musical instruments like guitar, piano, or drums can be your child’s interesting hobby. Your child can learn this hobby by watching some tutorials online or enrolling in a music class.

Playing instrument can also be their way to be a professional musician shortly. Learning about the different instruments that are used in songs or how different notes fit together could provide hours of entertainment along with a new way to express oneself as well.

It is no wonder why so many young people have taken up learning more about music as a hobby; it is very rewarding and relaxing to do with other people.

Take up an instrument that you’re interested in to improve your skills when you are alone! This way, You will love learning everything about music and the instruments used in popular songs today.


Drama is a school subject which has been around for many years. It involves the practice of theatrical arts, such as acting and playwriting. Drama is often taught in high-schools and universities to students who want to learn more about theatre and become actors or actresses.

This hobby can improve the confidence of your child. Ask him or her to enroll in a drama club during summer vacation. I am sure that your child will love it. Having this hobby can make your child more confident to face plenty of people.

The type of drama that will be taught at schools varies from school to school, depending on the country it’s being taught in. For example, some schools in the United States teach musical theatre or classical drama while in other countries drama can allow students to focus on comedy or on experimental performance art pieces.


Teaching your child to read can be a good hobby for him or her. Reading is a hobby that can bring lots of benefits to a certain person- whether adult or child. It is beneficial if your kids have an interest in reading.

This will help to enhance their language skills and vocabulary. You should persuade your child to read some interesting books online or in your library room.

It is one of the best ways to spend your time when you are bored and do not have anything better to do at the moment.

There are plenty of books out there for all audiences, so bookworms or avid readers have no shortage on where they wish to find their next great read.

Playing Some Sports

It is imperative for your child’s health to play some outdoor activities such as basketball, football, skating, badminton and many more.

Sports are always a great hobby for kids. Whether they’re interested in soccer, football, or any number of other sports, it’s an excellent way to develop coordination and foster healthy competition among their peers. Sports can also be used as a vehicle for teaching good values such as teamwork and respect – all while having fun!


The best hobbies are ones that have educational value because children don’t always get opportunities like this at school or home with homework/studies taking up most of their time. Hobbies should also encourage them to explore different areas too rather than just one thing.

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