20 Best Hobbies for Kids

Nowadays kids tend to be glued to their tech gadgets all day long. That’s why it is critical for parents to encourage their kids to pick up a hobby.

Top 20 Hobbies for Kids


This origami hobby can also enhance the imagination and creativity of your kids by folding a piece of paper and create an exciting figure.

Handprint Crafts

Handprint crafts will make the imagination of your kids keep on running. This hobby can improve their creativity skills by making paintings and other interesting designs.


Your kids will probably have fun on making some buildings using woods and other building materials. This hobby can improve the motor skills of your children.


This hobby can make your children busy all day long. If they are a beginner in this activity, they can start with the basic crochet patterns. This will improve the brain capacity and creativity skills of your child.


Painting can be your child’s best hobby. There are some painting materials that your child can use. Your child might also discover his or her talent in painting.


Felting can be your child’s favorite hobby. He or she can also discover his or her talent in terms of felting. There are some felting types that your child can choose from, carved felting, cobweb felting or needle felting.


The imaginations of your child can be shown through this hobby. They can sketch all the imaginations in their mind and have a beautiful result. Starters can learn to sketch through patterned designs that they need to trace.


Learning tapestry as your child’s hobby can improve their creativity. The designs they made can be additional decorations in your home or their bedrooms.

Collecting Comic Books

Your children can have a passion for collecting comic books that were written by their favorite authors and start reading it.

Collecting Coins

Kids love to collect several coins from several countries. Your child can also know the history of the coins he or she collected from different countries.

Collecting Toys or Dolls

Kids probably love collecting their favorite cartoon character dolls or toys. They can keep all of their collections forever. This can be your kid’s form of appreciating the value of their toys.

Animal Care

Your kids might encourage taking care of animals. This kind of hobby can bring positive effects to the lives of your children. Whatever kinds of animal that your child wants to take care of, keep an eye for him or her for his or her safety.

Paper or Plastic Recycling

Your child can have their passion for recycling appear and turn it into a new structure. This hobby will help your child to improve his or her imagination and creativity skills. Plastic recycling is also an excellent way for your child to help the environment you live in.

Organic Farming

Organic farming can be your child’s enriching type of hobby. You can teach him or her how to plant fruits or vegetables without using any synthetic fertilizers. Let your child be knowledgeable enough about the benefits that the human and plant can get through organic farming.


Meteorology is a type of hobby that can help your child to choose the career they want in the future. Your child can learn meteorology through books or watching the TV weather bulletins.


Astronomy is a hobby that can help your child to choose their careers in the future. Your child can learn astronomy through reading books about the moon, stars, planets, constellations and solar system.

Playing Musical Instruments

Playing musical instruments like guitar, piano, or drums can be your child’s interesting hobby. Your child can learn this hobby by watching some tutorials online or enrolling in a music class. Playing instrument can also be their way to be a professional musician shortly.


This hobby can improve the confidence of your child. Ask him or her to enroll in a drama club during summer vacation. I am sure that your child will love it. Having this hobby can make your child more confident to face plenty of people.


Teaching your child to read can be a good hobby for him or her. Reading is a hobby that can bring lots of benefits to a certain person- whether adult or child. It is beneficial if your kids have an interest in reading. This will help to enhance their language skills and vocabulary. You should persuade your child to read some interesting books online or in your library room.

Playing Some Sports

It is imperative for your child’s health to play some outdoor activities such as basketball, football, skating, badminton and many more.

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