8 Best Hobbies for Athletes

Athletes do lots of amazing things in their chosen sports. However, they also want to do other things outside of sports. When athletes experience burnout, they look for something that can distract them or help them take a break. After all, they need to have a work-life balance. Below are the best hobbies for athletes.

8 Best Hobbies for Athletes

Regardless of what sport you play, having a hobby or an activity to help you relax is always beneficial. Hobbies can help with stress relief and improve your general well-being. If you are looking for a new hobby, consider one from the list below!


Writing can be a useful hobby for many athletes. Through creative writing, they can share what makes them passionate and inspired in everything they do. They can also create content that involves sports and help other aspiring athletes get valuable tips. They can also try writing a novel or keeping a journal.

In any case, it’s always good to find things outside of athletics that allow you to express yourself as well! Writing can also prove useful as well since often times there will be content related to sports that they want to share with others in order to give advice or just discuss what inspires them most when they participate in their sport.

Board Games

The board game industry is a booming business. Board games are not just for kids or elderly people anymore, they have become a popular hobby among athletes as well. Athletes use these games to help them relax after a long day of training and/or competition and socialize with other players.

Small World, Bohnanza, and Settlers of Catan are some of the fantastic board games that athletes can try. This hobby is useful in connecting people, which is essential in teal sports. That is because they can experience the personal feeling of being near other people. It also enables them to meet new friends.


Cooking is always one of the top hobby choices for everyone, and athletes have no exemption. They can try different cuisines and learn various cooking skills. They can cook for themselves or share the food to their loved ones. While they experience a relaxing feel while cooking, they can keep a healthy diet.

The benefits of cooking as a hobby for athletes are many. They include the opportunity to learn new skills, the ability to eat healthy foods that you make yourself, and an escape from day-to-day life. Cooking is also a great way to spend quality time with family and friends!


The same way with cooking, music is everyone’s favorite hobby. Whether athletes have hidden talent in singing or they used to play a musical instrument when they were just kids, they can use it to relax and have fun.

Video Games

Whether the video game is sport-related or not, this hobby enables athletes to enter the incredible virtual world. They can even join their friends and have a quality time playing together. They can play video games anywhere they want as long as they bring their mobile devices.

Many athletes use video games as a way to destress and relax. They can also help them escape the pressure that comes with being an athlete, which is crucial for their mental well-being. Video games are fun and provide a new kind of challenge that many athletes enjoy. Some popular video games include Halo, Call of Duty, Madden 19, FIFA 18 and others.

Regardless if it’s just one hour or six hours a day they spend playing these video games, they know it helps them stay in shape mentally and physically while still enjoying themselves at the same time! Additionally, some people who don’t play sports have found themselves using gaming as exercise by walking or running on treadmills while playing certain types of games like Assassin’s Creed Origins


Reading may not seem like an athletic activity but it has been shown to have many benefits that athletes should be aware of such as improving concentration and decision making skills.

Some athletes find that reading the news is a good way to keep up on what’s happening in their area (local, national and international) while others enjoy fiction as a break from playing sports all day long. Reading can also be used outside of athletics as an enjoyable solitary pastime or with friends/family for bonding time!

You could even try listening to audio books- they are perfect for those who don’t have much time on their hands because you can listen when driving, cleaning your house, walking the dog…the list goes on and on! Listening may not seem like it would help concentration but studies show otherwise: “Listening requires greater attention than watching TV.” It seems logical then that if one has the interest and time to listen, they are more likely to focus than those who just watch TV.


Hiking is great because it helps build endurance while providing a scenic view of nature. It’s also very low impact so it won’t put too much strain on your muscles after playing sports all day long. What better way to spend time in the outdoors than hiking?

Hiking is not a sports but it is still a physical activity. It’s a cardiovascular workout that requires you to go at your own pace, which can be anywhere from leisurely to strenuous.

Hiking is one of the best ways for people who are in great shape but don’t normally hike because they feel it’ll be too hard on their body – this way they get the benefits without any extra risk!

The only other thing you need besides good shoes and clothing, if hiking during the winter or early spring (or late fall), might be gloves- depending on how cold it gets where you live!

Hiking provides an excellent chance not just for exercise but also meditation and reflection. You can take in all those sights and sounds as well as being surrounded by nature.


Photography is one of the best hobbies for athletes because you can take pictures and then develop them. If you’re not great with a camera, but still want to enjoy photography as a hobby, there are some smartphones that have really good cameras on them!

Photography is also one of those things where it’s easy to be creative and express yourself through your work. You don’t need any fancy equipment- just something like an old digital camera or phone should do the trick!


Athletes should not limit themselves from exploring other things. If you are an athlete and want to try a hobby, you can consider the options above.

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