What is the Best Hard Drive for PS4?

Playstation 4 is currently leading in the video game console  market. It looks perfect from all kind of view, yet sooner or later, its flaws kick in. It only has one – the 500GB hard drive. At some point, you realize that you can no longer install your favorite games because you run out of space. You need to remove one of them to install another. Every game goes through this situation. Luckily, it has a fix – a new hard drive. These things are quite diversified though, so make sure you go through the 5 best hard drives for PS4 before making a final choice.

Choose the best hard drive for PS4 among the following ones!

Seagate 1TB SSHD


The 1TB Seagate hard drive is one of the best received units in the PS4 community – no doubts about it. It has a few major pluses. First, it is affordable. It does not really cost a fortune. Second, it doubles up the space you are already familiar with. From this point of view, you benefit from a great choice of upgrade. Basically, the 1TB 5400RPM 2.5” solid drive is OEM and relies on the Seagate flash management technology. It offers an outstanding SSD-like performance that you just cannot overlook.

As if all these were not enough, the sleek design makes it excellent for max capacity laptops too – 9.5 millimeters. Finally, it implements NAND flash with classic storage. However, the transfer kit is not included, so you should have one yourself or just purchase it separately.

Samsung Seagate Momentus SpinPoint 2TB Hard Drive
Samsung’s Seagate hard drive takes this venture even farther. It offers up to four times more storage space than the PS4 original drive. If you reached to the limit, you will love gaining more space in one move. This astonishing piece of hardware is positively reviewed and has an amazing star average. There is nothing more encouraging than that. As if the 2TB storage capacity would not be enough, this hard drive is way faster as well. You will notice the difference right away, especially if you install the same games. They load and run way faster than before.

The hard drive has a classic 5400RPM spindle speed. It also comes with the SATA II 6.0Gbps interface. However, you better be careful about the sizing standards. This hard drive measures 100x800x9 millimeters. If you want to use it in your notebook too, make sure that its hard drive space is wide enough to accommodate it. Normally, there should be any problems in terms of thickness.

Samsung 840 EVO 1TB SATA III Internal SSD
Samsung’s hard drive is certainly among the 5 best hard drives for PS4. But then, given its reputation and reliability, it does not come for free either. It becomes a primary choice for those who want the best for their devices, but also for those wherefore money is not such a big problem. In other words, unless you have a limited budget, this option is great. Apart from the versatility, this hard drive comes with top-notch speeds and an exquisite security.

What does it come with? Plenty! First, you got the highest quality parts and engineering standards from a leading memory manufacturer. Second, you got data security with AES 256bit full encryption. Worried about security? Forget about your concerns. The hard drive has no moving parts, so you should not worry about spin ups, noises or faults. Do not forget about the lightweight profile either. The sequential speed is worth some attention too – 540MB for reading and 520MB for writing. With these specifications in mind, you can leave your PS4 in the best hands.

Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive
To plenty of PS4 gamers, the overall quality or security standards are irrelevant. The same goes for the speeds. They never get annoyed for wasting one more minute during an installation or a couple of extra seconds to run a game. What really matters to them is the price. PS4 is not a cheap toy, so its components and accessories are not affordable for everyone either. At this point, a new hard drive might look an adventurous idea for some. Luckily, there is something for the low budget shoppers too. This is when Seagate Barracuda kicks in with a cost efficient deal.

The Barracuda hard drive doubles up the storage space. If you have just reached to the limit, you will love gaining two times more. It comes with 1TB of storage and also a better speed. When it comes to the price – its main specification, it costs up to two or three times less than other top rated hard drives. In this case, it is certainly among the 5 best hard drives for PS4.

Samsung M9T 2TB Hard Drive

Assuming that you want to choose Samsung (no matter what), but you do not have the money for the 840 model, you can “spin” less money for a classic hard drive carrying similar quality standards. This is when the M9T hard drive kicks in. This hard drive is a standard model – the one that spins. Sure, it might feel noisier than other drives, but those sounds are not too disturbing anyway. What really matters is the storage space.

You got 2TB of space – four times more than the original drive of PS4. It also costs less than the 840 model, so it becomes a cost efficient option too. With 5400RPM speeds, you will sift through your games at a quite speedy rate.


In the end, the list is certainly longer than that. There are dozens of PS4 hard drives and each of them comes with specific quality standards. These are only the 5 best hard drives for PS4, as well as the front runners. With any of these things, your PS4 will positively surprise you with its running speed. Just make sure that you know how to install the drives accordingly. If you are not sure what you are doing, reach to a specialist instead.

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