3 Best Hand Ice Augers for Ice Fishing in 2023

If you live in a region where ice fishing is common, then you know the importance of having the right equipment. Fishing for iced-over lakes and rivers can be tough, but with an auger it becomes much easier. We have compiled a list of 3 best hand ice augers to use for fishing that will help make your day on the ice more enjoyable!

How to Choose a Hand Ice Auger?

Ice augers are not the same as ice drills, which have a vertical blade that is pushed downward and pulled up to chip off pieces of ice. Augers consist of two blades with teeth on one end that spin while being pushed forward through the snow or ice. The other end holds a cutting edge for breaking the frozen surface at an angle so it can be removed in chunks from below. Ice augers come in both manual and electrically powered models.

In order to use an auger effectively, you need to know its length (the distance between where it attaches securely onto your arm and where it reaches out into space) because this will dictate how many times you’ll have to step back before pushing again or pullback.

A shorter auger is usually recommended because you’ll be closer to the hole and will have less steps back between each push or pull.

If an ice fishing enthusiast has a longer reach, he would want to use an electric auger which automatically feeds out line while rotating itself without much manual effort needed on his behalf for operation of it.

Most hand augers come with blades that are about four inches long but some can extend up to six inches in length depending on what type of fish being hunted for as well as thickness of snow/ice conditions encountered by the user.

Some augers have a sheath to keep the blade when not in use and some are made of stainless steel for more durability from wear.

The one drawback about this tool is slippage – if your blade slips inside the hole slightly when trying to ream away at the surface, then you’re in trouble.

3 Best Hand Ice Augers for Ice Fishing

Fishermen often prefer hand ice augers over electric ones because they can get closer to their holes with less steps back between each push or pull.

Following are 3 best hand ice augers to use for ice fishing:

StrikeMaster Lazer Auger-6 in. LD-6

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The Strike Master Ice Augers Lazer Hand Auger is a good choice for ice fishing. It cuts through ice quickly and without much effort on my part. The blade stays sharp, and the auger has a glossy powder coating to prevent ice from sticking to it.

The StrikeMaster Lazer Auger-6 is perfect for outdoor and indoor use, has a durable construction that’s made of high quality material, and is super easy to store since it can be hung up or folded away. A must-have item for any fishing hunting their preys in the winter.

Eskimo Hand Auger with Dual Flat Blades

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The Eskimo Hand Auger with Dual Flat Blades is the perfect tool for drilling holes in ice. The stainless steel blades are designed to stay sharp longer and will outlast those of other augers, so you never have to constantly sharpen your blade again.

The Cross-Bolt Takedown System makes it easy to drill your hole without over-tightening – just make sure that you throw on the Blade Protector when you’re finished! The Handle and Pommel Knob make this handle one of a kind, with sturdy grips for even pressure distribution during use – plus, there’s no need to worry about sweaty hands ruining what goes into the icy water because we’ve got you covered! Finally, if 8 inches doesn’t cut it for ya’, just measure your hole and drill it to the desired depth.

StrikeMaster Mora Blade Hand Auger

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This blade is all about versatility. In winter, a deep snowstorm can slow you down to the point where plowing becomes necessary for your own safety. But with this StrikeMaster Mora Blade Hand Auger, you can carve from roomy paths right through that foot of fluffy white-out!

The extra length gives you more than enough swing to get those blades between trees and around corners without any extra push. You’ll find yourself wanting to use it for everything–the compact size allows it to fit into tight spaces when modifying garden walls, removing tree roots from glacial lake banks…whatever project life throws your way that needs serious cutting power!

It’s not just durable either; the high alloy carbon steel blades are perfectly suited for getting in and out of the ice, making your path to game that much easier.

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