Best Graphing Calculator: Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphics Calculator

Doing schoolwork can be tough when you have a lot of calculations to perform and you can’t use a PC or a device that you can rely on to make things easier and faster for you. This is why if you have been lagging behind with your math subjects due to your slow calculations, it is about time you get a very good calculator that will help speed up your experience.

This calculator from Texas Instrument is one that is offered with efficient calculating performance along with dozens of math functions that have already been preloaded. TI-84 Plus is the best graphing calculator which is ideal not only for math but for science too. And it supports you from middle school to college.


Large LCD display

This is quite handy especially when you need to solve equations and graphs up to three sequences that are recursively defined, six polar expressions, six parametric expressions, as well as ten rectangular functions.

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USB on the go

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphics Calculator supports USB which allows you to transfer data between the computer and the calculator. This is perfect for those cases when you need to save your solved problem to a document.

Approved for testing use

Users will be happy to know that the TI-84 Plus calculator is approved to be used for a number of tests including those college entrance tests. This is a handy gadget that will truly make life easier when you have to go through exams.

Pros & Cons


  • Better viewing experience- A lot of calculators these days leave much to be desired when it comes to their display screens. Many often have very limited screens which makes it hard for the user to plot graphs or to plot equations on them. Not on this calculator.
  • Transfer data fast- Sometimes, you just need to get some data transferred over to your computer from the calculator or vice versa. It is reassuring to know that it has the USB on the go design to enable this.
  • Lots of included apps- The list of supported apps is long, which makes it a handy and practical tool to have around.


  • A bit pricey- This is a calculator that many might find a little too high on the price scale. So, for those that are a little tight on the budget, this tool, might turn them away.
  • Not black- A lot of buyers have reported disappointment that it is not black as pictured, but it is yellow.
  • No manual included- There have been complaints about how there is no manual. This might mean people will have a hard time figuring out how to truly maximize its use.


Although it is not without its flaws, this TI-84 Plus Graphics Calculator from Texas Instruments can be quite handy. If you want to find a calculator that has multiple functions and has several apps supported, this is one that you will find worthy of purchasing.

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