30+ Best Flutter Plugins

Flutter, developed by Google, is an open-source development framework for making multi-platform apps. Flutter allows beautiful apps to be developed for iOS and Android from a single code base. Depends on what type of apps you are going to build the following Flutter plugins will help you save a lot of time.

  • Flutter Plugins: This repository consists of plugins developed by official Flutter Team. They handle backbone features of a mobile app such as Alarm Manager, Firrbase service, WebView, Video Player, Maps, etc.
  • SpriteWidget: SpriteWidget is a toolkit for building complex, high performance animations and 2D games.  SpriteWidget can be used to create anything from an animated icon to a full fledged game.
  • Sqflite: SQLite Flutter plugin. It supports transactions and batches, automatic version managment during open, helpers for insert/query/update/delete queries, and DB operation executed in a background thread on iOS and Android.
  • shared_preferences: Wraps NSUserDefaults (on iOS) and SharedPreferences (on Android), providing a persistent store for simple data.
  • google_sign_in: This is a simple plugin for Google Sign In.
  • Login: This supports login with FaceID, TouchID, and Fingerprint Reader on Android.
  • WebView: Allows Flutter to communicate with a native WebView.
  • Flutter Location: This plugin handles getting location on Android and iOS. It also provides callbacks when location is changed.
  • QR Code Reader: QR Code reader via camera
  • Battery: This plugin allows app to access to various information about the battery.
  • Zebra EMDK: Use Zebra EMDK to access Barcode Scanner API.
  • Proximity Sensor Plugin: A plugin to access the proximity sensor of your device
  • Geolocation: This is a fully featured geolocation plugin which supports Manual and automatic location permission management, current one-shot location, continuous location updates with foreground and background options.
  • Local Notifications: This help dipslay local notifications. It can display basic notifications, schedule when notifications should appear, show a notification periodically or at a specified time.
  • Google Mobile Vision: This is an implementation of Google Mobile Vision.
  • Offline: A tidy utility to handle offline/online connectivity.
  • 3D Object: Renders a wavefront .obj on to a canvas.
  • Speech Recognition: A flutter plugin to use the speech recognition iOS10+ / Android 4.1+
  • Chewie: The video_player plugin provides low-level access to video playback. Chewie uses the video_player under the hood and wraps it in a friendly Material or Cupertino UI.
  • Audio Plugin: Play audio files.
  • UI/Widget
    • Intro Views: Writing introduction for you apps has never been easier. Intro Views support easy pages addition and cool transitions.
    • Steps:  for displaying vertical/horizontal steps with other Flutter widgets on Android and iOS.
    • Drag-and-Drop List: It allows  support for all aspects of drag and drop inside a listView.
    • Contact Picker: With this plugin a Flutter app can ask its user to select a contact from a user’s address book.
    • Sticky Header: A Flutter implementation of sticky headers with a sliver as a child.
    • Infinite Listview: ListView with items that can be scrolled infinitely in both directions.
    • Fluid Slider: A fluid design slider that works just like the Slider material widget.
    • Snaplist: A small library that allows you to make snappable list views.
    • Calendar Widget: This shows a scrolling calendar list of events.
    • Image Picker: A plugin for picking images from the image library, and taking new pictures with the camera.
    • Multi Image Picker: Allow multiple images picker.
    • Charts: A chart plugin which supports Line Chart and Vertical Bar Chart.
    • FCharts: Create beautiful, responsive, animated charts using a simple and intuitive API.
    • Charts: This plugin is developed by Google team. It supports over 50 types of charts and designs.
  • Effects & Animation

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  1. Flutter is becoming more and more popular. I hope there are many good Flutter widgets so we don’t need to write boilerplate code for every new app.

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