Best Fishing Kayaks for the Money in 2023

The best fishing kayak is one that fits your budget, size and weight capacity. There are many different types of kayaks out there, but some are made specifically for fishing. Whether you want a sit-inside or an open cockpit model, these models should be at the top of your list when looking for the perfect boat to take on any fish adventure!

What to look for when buying a fishing kayak

1. Length of kayak – The length of kayak you buy will depend on your height and how long you plan to be at one sitting. If this is going to be an activity that lasts upwards of four hours then purchase a longer model so it doesn’t sacrifice speed or handling.

2. Width of kayak – this is important for stability and how easily you can paddle through the water.

3. Storage space in the kayak – how much storage space you need depends on what you’ll be carrying with you. If it’s just for lunch and a few drinks then the limited space won’t matter, but if there are multiple items that will take up more room long term then go with a kayak that has plenty of within reach storage areas.

4. Weight of the kayak – the weight of the kayak will affect how easily you can transport it, and if carrying it is an issue then a lighter one could be your best bet.

5. Price range for the fishing kayaks you are looking at – you want to find a kayak that falls within your budget.

6. Durability and safety features on a fishing kayak, such as being able to strap your gear down or having a dry storage compartment for things like cameras, cell phones, and keys while out on the water.

3 Best Fishing Kayaks for the Money

Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

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The Intex Excursion Pro kayak is the only boat you’ll need on your next fishing trip. With its high quality laminate PVC and polyester core, this lightweight inflatable kayak offers superior protection against wear and tear and damage from abrasion, impact or sunlight.

This durable watercraft also has a pressure-resistant floor for stability so as not to sink in deep waters – thanks to the high-pressure inflation that can be filled by placing it up onto of a ball pit or touching down on shore with one foot inside.

The Excursion pro also features 2 removable skewers for deep or shallow water use, adjustable bucket seats with backrests, and an adjustable mounting bracket to add accessories like GPS systems, swivel fishing rod holders, a carry bag, fish finders, repair patch, etc…

You’re not just getting a kayak, you’re securing safety, comfort and quality. This kayak has 3-ply super tough construction with a high molecular PVC that is unaffected by gasoline, oil and salt water that can be highly resistant to damage from abrasion, impact and sunlight.

The dry bags are lots of fun for those who love the outdoors or people whose professions demand outdoor work like photography or industrial inspection.

With paddles included and air pump built in at no extra cost this product will give you everything you need for adventure around the pond as well as more than one day offshore adventures in freshwater lakes up to 10 miles away. 

Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Fishing Kayak

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This kayak is designed for fishing. From its front bungee storage to its multiple universal hard mounting points, the Steelhead kayak is specially designed for fishing. Keep your rods, fish finders, action camera and other fishing essentials safe and dry in the bungee storage or attach them steadily in the multiple universal hard mounting points. It also has a recessed rear gunwale which makes walking it onto shore easy!

Neat benefits: Recessed rear gunwale eases loading on shore; Solid drop stitch floor that allows anglers to comfortably stand and position themselves at better bait-casting.

The Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Fishing Kayak is built to last, and it’s the perfect boat for fishing water bodies where rough shoals and obstacles lead to high-stakes action.

This tough vessel has a self-bailing floor with drainage ports to shake off splashes in case you go overboard; all you have to do if tipped over is stand up again and pump out the excess before getting back onto your feet. You can inflate this kayak in just minutes using its included dual-action hand pump – no more enduring leaks or lugging that heavy cylinder around! It’s also designed for easy storage: Deflate it quickly back into the travel bag after every adventure so nothing ever gets lost at home.

Bonafide EX123

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Kayak fishing found its roots in affordability, portability, and simplicity. The EX123 gets great marks on all 3 making it the perfect grab and go boat for quick trips or day excursions alike.

At under 60lbs you can just pick up the kayak by hand then sling it onto your shoulder or over your head where it folds down to just a smidge larger than a large briefcase at 2ft x 4ft – makes bringing along additional necessities an easy task. Plus with no scuppers to get submerged stumps stuck in and lots of room for fishing gear from bow to stern this is one serious platform for anglers everywhere!

Known for safety, this kayak boasts a watertight bulkhead design to keep your trusty steed afloat. With large hatches and two rear cargo wells, access is always easy.

Nearby holders accommodate your favorite nectar in either quick-drink or bottle form. Front webbing braces provide stability across rough waters and additional securing points for all of the creature comforts you could want on high jinks galore. 

The removable console has an integrated MiniTub with plenty of storage to keep your phone, wallet, keys, and more dry and secure! Pop the lid and utilize the integrated selfie stand to get that perfect hero shot—or simply hold your phone.

Some other options

  • The Old Town Predator is good for catching a variety of fish and has plenty of room to store your gear. It also handles well on the water rather than just being used as an alternative fishing platform like some other kayaks in this list. The downside? It is expensive, but it can be worth it if you want something durable that will last season after season. It has exceptional features for fishing such as two rod holders mounted on either side of the cockpit and added storage space that can carry up to 25 pounds!
  • The Native Watercraft Slayer could technically be called a hybrid recreational boat because it offers both open cockpit seating or closed sit-inside space with enough storage for all your equipment or camping supplies. If you are looking for versatility in one model, then look no further!
  • If money isn’t really an issue and you don’t mind having something that doesn’t offer a ton of versatility, then the Jackson Kayak Karma is the kayak for you. It has plenty of room for gear and fishing equipment with an open cockpit design that balances well on calm water or choppy conditions. This is why it’s perfect if you don’t want to worry about any wind getting in your face when casting out. The open design allows easy casting when windy conditions prevail–ideal when there are no worries about your fishing line getting tangled.
  • The Lifetime Aspire costs less than $400 but still offers tons of space to store all your stuff while giving you enough stability when navigating through rough waters. The downside? You have no access to storage underneath this lightweight model, so make sure everything fits inside before heading out into the ocean!
  • The Ocean Kayaks Trident 13 Angler is another great kayak option if you’re looking for one with ample room for angling equipment like rods, reels or bait buckets*. This model also includes paddle clips so your paddles won’t get lost in water’s currents while you fish.
  • The Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 is another great option for anglers who like to fish from a seated position, as the seat system provides unrestricted movement and comfort while paddling or fishing.

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